PM: “On Saturday night I will be the first to get vaccinated, I worked to get the vaccines – use them”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced tonight (Wednesday) that on Saturday night he will be the first of the citizens of Israel to be vaccinated and called on citizens to use vaccines.

Prime Minister Netanyahu: “Hello, I’m talking about isolation. On Friday I will get out of it and on Saturday night I will go get vaccinated. I asked to be the first vaccinated to set an example and convince you that you can get vaccinated and need to get vaccinated. By the end of January we will have many millions of vaccines here. I worked very hard to bring them and I ask you – use them!

A professional committee also determined the order of priority for vaccines, first of all they determined: the medical staff and MDA will receive first, then the elderly and their caregivers in sheltered housing. Then the population over 60 and then those with dangerous background diseases during the corona. .

They also determined who would not be vaccinated: no children, no pregnant women, no people with acute allergies and of course not those who had already recovered from the corona. That leaves a total of about 6 million people. We have more than enough for everyone. If everyone is vaccinated – we will have many surpluses. Therefore, the professional committee has determined that if it really turns out that we really have a lot of surpluses then they will allow the whole population to get vaccinated faster and I expect that to happen very quickly. They will announce the exact dates.

I ask for one more thing from you: you see the disasters that happen in other countries, you see the tragic deaths of almost a thousand people in Germany a day, over three thousand people die a day in the US. We can avoid that. I’ve seen what’s the end of a course, there’s always someone who doesn ‘t keep the rules and some commandant flips over or gets on a mine and just loses a life, just a tragedy.

The morbidity now shows that people in the atmosphere of the end of a course. We average 2,000 infections a day and if we reach 2,500 we will have to go into tight restraint and it can be prevented.

I ask everyone to look at themselves and say “what am I doing to keep the rules”. Here, I’m sitting here at home, the Prime Minister in isolation, I’re keeping all the rules. This is what you too need to do. Take care of yourself, take care of others. Not economically, not in human life and not in health. Please do this and go get vaccinated. Have a Happy holiday. “