Players who purchase an early ‘Call of Duty’ crossbow will receive a refund, Treyarch confirms

Treyarch has repaid Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Cold War Black Ops players who bought a new rainbow that was released early, and that promises to allow players to progress toward a solution.

On March 18, a package went up for sale that included a plan for the R1 Shadowhunter Crossbow. The package was priced at 12000 CoD Points in the Warzone store, which is around £ 10.

The weapon was not mentioned in any patch notes, and was useless Warzone. Players quickly discovered that the weapon was available inside Cold War Black Ops, as a basic version of the weapon was available to solve through challenge.

Players worked towards unraveling the rainbow and then earning a skin camo for it, before Activision pulled the crossbow.

A tweet from the publisher said: “An issue with the R1 Shadowhunter weapon comes to light earlier than planned Warzone and Cold War Black Ops resolved. ”

The tweet promised that players would get a refund for the package, but fans were disappointed that they would lose the progress they had been working for.

In a Reddit thread of players dealing with the issue, user Cybranwarrior22 wrote: “Yo what the hell… I was just grinding for the last two hours to get this harmful thing and they just going “whoops, sorry it was too early”. ”

Following feedback from the community Treyarch updated the public face Trello board, and confirmed that Solution progress for players who had set the crossbar at 14/15 matches would be completed.

Players who have won the crossbow and unlock any camo will keep their camo progress when our update is live.