Perugi – Music – Surprise: Neta Barzilai has released an EP album

Neta Barzilai turns her Internet network series into a refreshing and special EP album (NETTA OFFICE EP VOL.1) – and most importantly: by surprise!

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Over the past year, Barzilai has put on a weekly show for the network called “Netta office” in which she has performed a special performance for some hits that are especially loved by Neta and the audience. She concentrated the most prominent among them on the surprising album.

“The online series allowed me to be in direct contact with my audience, take inspiration from them and take them deeper into my private and wild musical world,” Neta said. “Each episode was an opportunity to experiment and have fun with improvisations and covers of trash-nineties songs, just me and my devices in my office and you. Thanks to the series, I was able to bring out things that could not be reflected in the songs or polished clips I put out. “Comments and requests from around the world that will be available for listening on streaming. At first I thought it was excessive, but the requests kept coming, and that’s how the collection was born.”

On the choice of songs to be included in the album, she said: “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is a novelty of the amazing song from Mary Poppins. I imagined what would happen if we put Mary Poppins Autotion and she can eat popsicles. And I had to put in the Barbie Girl that a lot of people wanted to put in the playlist after I did it on the next planet. All the arrangements consist solely of my voice – the drums, the bass, the harmonies, the percussion and the effects. For my songs, and the whole project turned from more content on the web into a small and exciting personal project. “