Pauchi: Israel does a good job with vaccines

In an interview with i24NEWS, Dr. Anthony Pauchi, senior medical adviser to the President of the United States in the fight against corona, referred to data showing a general decline in patients around the world.

Pauchi said the effect of vaccines has not yet been seen in the United States, compared to Israel which does a particularly good job regarding the percentage of vaccinated.

“I do not think we should declare that we are nearing the end, we certainly see in most countries, certainly in the United States and also in Israel, probably to a greater extent than anywhere else, a fairly sharp decline in Corona’s daily diagnosed cases,” he noted.

Dr. Pauchi explained that the morbidity in the United States was abnormally high: “We had 300,000 and sometimes even up to 400,000 cases a day. We have now dropped to a weekly average of about 65,000 which is great compared to where we were, but still awful when you think in terms of what that means, 65,000 new contagious. I think it’s because of a number of reasons, we had a big wave when we entered the cold season, as well as the holiday season of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. And we got to the peak and started going back (to lower numbers), I think it’s a natural course of events, so going back to such a high peak when the fuel that fed the peak is no longer there: the holiday season is over, people are not gathering, so the numbers go down.

“In addition, people obey the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, wear masks and maintain social distance. I do not think the vaccine itself had a significant effect because we did not have a large enough percentage of people vaccinated so far. We are improving every day. Israel, on the other hand, For the population, does a particularly good job, “he explained.