Palestine Mufti Authority: There is no place for non-Muslims on Temple Mount

Palestinian Mufti Authority of Jerusalem Sheikh Mohammed Hussein on Tuesday warned of the efforts of Jewish groups to establish a presence on Mount Temple.
Hussein told the Palestinian news agency Khabar that the entire sacred site is Islamic and belongs only to Muslims.

“We reaffirm, once again, the blessed mosque of al-Aqsa, with an area of ​​144 forts [144,000 sq.m.], it is Islamic and just for Muslims, ”he said. “There is no place for non-Muslims in any way in this mosque, whether through schools, churches or other places of worship.”

Jordan, meanwhile, has criticized the visit of suspects to Mount Temple as “an infallible incitement and a violation of international law and the legal and historical status quo. “

In a statement, Jordan’s Foreign Ministry said it “denies Israel’s ongoing breaches at the al-Aqsa / al-Haram al-Sharif Mosque.”

Commenting on visits to the cement, the ministry said: “Under the protection of Israeli forces, finishers recently stormed the sacred site. These refusal and reckless incitements violate international law and the legal and historical status quo, which violates Israel’s obligations as an occupying power in East Jerusalem. “

The Wakf Islamic religious trust under Jordan’s control in Jerusalem is specifically allowed to oversee the affairs of the sacred site and to govern its entrances, the statement said.