Operation Snowdown at Fortnite arrives: Free Rewards and How to Get Them

Epic Games has officially launched their Operation Snowdown event Fortnite, the only leak that was suggested was this year ‘s’ Winterfest’. Operation Snowdown comes with the snowman skin we’ve seen before leaking, as well as new challenges, rewards, and more. Plus, and as before, planes have returned to the game.

Operation Snowdown takes place between Dec. 18 and Jan. 5, giving players a few weeks to complete Snowmando Quests to earn new skins and other rewards. In addition, winter and holiday scenes have passed by Fortnite island, including snow, lights, and gifts.

Perhaps the most interesting part of Operation Snowdown for most players is Snowmando Quests, which includes Snowmando skins, Frosty Globes Pickaxe, Shield Surprise Back Bling, and other similar offerings. Players who complete the dozen full challenges will receive the Frost Squad Outfit.

At the same time, planes come with other winter-themed items, including the Chiller Grenades, Sneaky Snowmandos, and return gifts with goodies inside.

Epic says that Fortnite offering a recurring series of Limited Time Modes previously as Air Royale, in addition to which there will be a new LTM called Shockwave. Players can navigate through these LTMs using the ‘Showdown Shuffle’ playlist option. As you would expect, Epic has also released new holiday-themed products in the Item Store.