Opera AI Google Blob lets you create beautiful pieces of music

Christmas songs are ubiquitous at Christmas, but most of them lose their light after hearing them a trillion times.

If you like this would be true Last Christmas you have to keep Wham alive, Google ‘s new Opera Blob allows you to create something different.

The machine learning experiment by artist David Lee allows you to create an operatic festival song for a quarter of colored blobs for singing.

The arts were taught to the creatures by professional songwriters Cristian Joel (tenor), Frederick Tong (bass), Joanna Gamble (mezzo-soprano), and Olivia Doutney (soprano), who recorded 16 hours of sang to train the AI ​​model as it should be at war. . But the composition of the crooning is up to you.

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Just click on one of the blobs and drag it up and down in pitch, and side by side to make different vowel sounds. Another machine learning module makes them consistently responsive to your instructions in real time.

The results can be true, if I say so myself. You can also share them with your family, so the next time someone wants to put on Paul McCartney Amazing Christmas time, link to your creation before adding the stereo to pieces. And then delete it anyway, just in case they try again.

Published December 17, 2020 – 12:17 PM UTC