One of the world’s most thought-provoking black holes, the new mystery of astronomy, is being seen to exist.

Scientists have expressed their controversy that a black hole that was once thought to be so large that it was described as “supermassive” and considered one of the best examples does not appear. most well-known of the mysterious space wonder in the universe.

according to Science warning, is the specific area of ​​space containing the new scientific mystery Abell 2261. It is known as a galaxy body, ie one of the most densely populated regions in the universe. As a signature would suggest, galaxy collections are groups of hundreds or even thousands of galaxies that are inextricably linked. One very large and bright galaxy usually sits at the center and is referred to as the “brightest galaxy cluster” or BCG.

BCG Abell 2261 has the largest known galactic heart to scientists and its diameter alone is one million light-years – a full ten times the size of Milky Way.

In the center of galaxies there is almost always a black hole, and researchers at NASA had calculated that Abell 2261 would be around a black hole that would measure between three billion and 100 billion solar masses.

However, despite its size and size, several research teams have been unable to find any evidence for it. While most black holes would create a circle of radiation around itself, this BCG is instead full of fog and bright star light. The findings remain consistent among several teams and telescopes around the world, including the Chandra X-ray Observatory, the Very Large Array and the Hubble Space Telescope.

In other words, the black hole either manages to find an escape or does not exist.

A galaxy shines on the horizon.

Brett Ritchie


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If the former, it is possible that the black hole is not just “feeding,” and therefore not recognizable by conventional scientific instruments.

However, if it is the latter, it is possible that the lost black hole was taken out of the helmet in a surprise that was not considered and was not recorded. never. This would be particularly encouraging for scientists as two large black holes would appear to be coming together.

Although smaller ones have merged, it is not known if larger black holes can come together due to something called the last parsec problem. A simpler explanation for the last parsec problem, within one parsec, is that there is no more stuff to either include a black hole to get closer to each other.

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