“One of the best in the league”: Donis fears Netanya

“One of the best in the league”: Donis fears Netanya

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Photo: Sports 5

Three days after the dramatic 3: 4 over Hapoel Haifa, Maccabi Tel Aviv will want to join tomorrow (Wednesday, 20:45) for the third consecutive victory in all competitions, when they host Maccabi Netanya. Champion Coach, Yorgos Donis“We talk a lot about what happened in the last game and it is very important that in the next few hours and tomorrow we work harder to improve things and influence the players. There is only a three-day interval between games and it is very important that we stay focused and correct our mistakes.”

On the short interval between games, the Greek coach said: “A lot of teams play at such times, it is not easy. We know how the players react to the results, but we have to accept that we have to be very focused. Because apart from quality and ability, concentration is the most important thing. It is important both offensively and defensively. “

Donis commented on Maccabi Netanya: “We respect every opponent. We know that until now, especially during the Corona period, all games are different from last season. Teams fight to achieve a result and there is no difference between big and small clubs. Netanya is a surprising and good team trying to play good football, with players “For me, it’s one of the better teams in the league.”

The Greek will meet Raymond Atfeld tomorrow, in a battle between the only two foreign coaches in the league, and was asked about it: “For me the differences are not in citizenship, but in whether coaches do a good job, how they work and what their plan is. I respect all coaches regardless of citizenship.”

also Avi Reikan Commented on the load of games: “Because there is overcrowding, there is not so much time – for positive and negative. Prepare properly, fun to have so many games, all in all we like to play a lot and want to win. “Less like it. Although it’s fun for the crowd, and the game is interesting, but we like to control the pace of the game. Unfortunately it did not happen in the last game, we let things develop to our detriment in some minutes.”

And what will the Yellows still take from the game? “If we take the good stuff, it’s of course the character, coming back from behind, the last few minutes. There were tired people who still arrived at the minutes we needed them. I’m glad we finally took the points, moving on with confidence. The most important thing is to help the team in the minutes I play or not, I will try to be there. Netanya? Each team has its own character and style of play, we will have to adapt ourselves. We prepare properly, Ourselves. We will arrive ready. “