One hundred doctors against third closure: “The base is not medical”

One hundred doctors against a third closure:

Jonathan Zindel / Flash 90

A group of about 100 doctors have issued a letter against the restrictions imposed by the government in recent months to prevent the spread of the corona virus, claiming that the basis for imposing the restrictions is not medical – it was reported tonight (Saturday) in News 12.

“We, doctors in Israel, are strongly protesting against measures to prevent the spread of the corona, which include closure, curfews, disabling the education system, locating and restricting movement,” the doctors wrote.

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According to them, for some reason it is their job to warn of human rights violations, which are not medical but constitutional: “It is our job to warn of the slippery and dangerous slope of violating rights and taking liberties that the State of Israel is galloping on.”

Despite the general collapse of the world medical system, they claim: “With proper preparation, Corona has no real ability to collapse the health care system in Israel.”

They added: “The coercive measures taken in the last 9 months in the country are an expression of a loss of values ​​and are in conflict with the foundations of the ethics of medicine. A heavy cloud rests on their continued adoption.”

Referring to the third closure to which the State of Israel is expected to enter, it was stated: “The coercive measures now being discussed are a destructive violation of basic civil rights, and their enforcement – without medical justification, and a black flag raised above it.”

Despite the official positions of the Ministry of Health, one hundred doctors stated that “corona disease can be dealt with while taking steps with consent, out of information and with the cooperation of the citizen.”

“As far as the corona virus is concerned, coercive measures, especially the enforcement of movement restrictions of any kind, are destructive and dangerous, and there is no connection between them and the medical profession. The basis for taking them is not medical.”

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