Oliver Stone “hopeful” After receiving Russian COVID-19 vaccine

8:02 AM PST 12/16/2020


Ryan Parker

“I don’t know if it’s going to work,” said the Oscar-winning filmmaker.

Oliver Stone recently received the Russian version of the COVID-19 vaccine and says he is not worried about possible complications.

The Oscar-winning director took his views on the matter to Russian media outlets, as reported by The Associated Press. The 74-year-old man in Russia is currently filming a documentary about climate change.

Speaking to one foreign center, Stone confirmed that he had the Russian vaccine, saying, “I don’t know if it’s going to work. I got it a few days ago.”

The controversial filmmaker said he had “heard good things” about the country’s vaccine, called it Sputnik V, and was “hopeful” it would work. Stone noted that he had to raise a bullet in 45 days.

Russia announced the nationwide spread of vaccines last week, the first to be on the line were those with high-risk health conditions. However, health experts have warned that the Sputnik V vaccine could be harmful to people over 60, Press release reports.

In the U.S., Pfizer ‘s version of the COVID-19 vaccine began being administered to a small number of frontline health care workers nationwide, including in New York and California, on Monday. The moment was marked by both historical and optimistic.

A request for additional information and comment was not immediately returned by Stone’s representative.