Ofira and Barko: The bomb dropped by Ofira and what does Berkowitz regret?

Remember the brain professor who was invited to one of Ofira and Barko’s programs to analyze their relationship? Well, yesterday it happened again, but this time sports commentator Niv Raskin was invited, who came to interview the duo and give them couple therapy.

Undoubtedly, the attempt to reveal on screen the relationship of two presenters, an experience we have never been exposed to by other presenters, is a marketing hot topic that will attract a curious audience and raise ratings. But have they not exhausted this marketing ploy? In what sin have we, once in a while, been invited to this or that Man Dhao studio to discuss and tread on the strange couple? If at least they were innovating on the subject. The same melody always repeats: “He does not praise me”, and Eyal for his part: “What should I praise her”? Know what? Do not confuse each other and do not confuse our minds. The relationships between Ganz, Bibi and the other vegetables and “pickles” (as the right-wingers call the leftists) are much more interesting.

Ofira and Berkowitz (Photo: Screenshot from Keshet 12)Ofira and Berkowitz (Photo: Screenshot from Keshet 12)

However, as part of Raskin’s questions and the facilitators’ answers, a bomb fell in the studio yesterday, which I will talk about at the end of the column. Niv Raskin came prepared with stinging and direct pages and questions, unlike the same professor who wriggled through all sorts of academic and tedious explanations. Raskin asked Eyal Berkowitz if he was not jealous of Ofira when she was chosen to be part of the panel in “Singer in a Mask.” Eyal answered stately: that when Ofira is popular and strong, he too is strong.

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Ofira, on the other hand, claimed that many times he did not support her. Eyal denied and demanded examples. Raskin asked if they did not regret certain interviews in which they were too aggressive. Eyal stated unequivocally that he did not regret anything, except for the interview with Inbal Or that he insulted her without considering that she was a woman who was in distress.

Ofira for her part said she and Barco did not change during their joint work. Eyal did not agree and said that she had actually changed. how? Raskin asked. Barko: “Can’t say, lest I hurt her honor.” Raskin did not give up and asked if Barco meant it cost her too much? Barco decided he had kept her dignity enough, and easily betrayed his mind: “a little.”

Ofira tried to protest and automatically placed her arm around her waist in a defiant motion that said: I am in control, and in fact proved that Barko was right. And as if we had not known for a long time that she was so full of herself that no diet would succeed in losing all the pounds of arrogance. She thinks so much of herself, that she even blurted out to Raskin yesterday: “I am the woman of his life.” Or Mae Good. Barko jumped like a snakebite, and rightly so. What does the woman in his life mean? He already has a wife in his life. In short, he ruined Barko’s weekend because he would now have to give explanations to his girlfriend at home.

“But it’s the truth,” Ofira insisted, only complicating it even further with her partner. Of the two, and compared to Barko who was more open and yes, Ofira was the bunker who was in no hurry to volunteer information, although as an interviewer she does not hesitate for a moment to shove her interviewees into a corner and get the juice out of them until they provide answers and headlines. At the same time, Raskin did a good job when he managed to pull with his tongue Atbarco who revealed the reason for the murky relationship that occasionally afflicts the duo. It turns out that he is really not satisfied with Ofira’s arrogant pose, even though he declares that he is not jealous of her.

But the most bombastic bomb dropped by Ofira yesterday was when Raskin asked her if she intended to go into politics and if she received any offers from anyone. Apparently she received offers from two people but refused to say from whom. Raskin Rocking: Gideon Saar? No! “Bennett”? Here Ofira asked not to nod to her anymore. What does the viewer ask himself? Why did she say “no” to Gideon Saar, but when asked about Bennett she did not want to answer? Corollary: Bennett probably suggested it.

And I will not be surprised, because at the time Bennett also offered the beautician Naama Kasri to join him. Who knows, maybe he has a hammer for beauticians and beauty handkerchiefs, because Ofira also once worked in the field. Although Ofira told Raskin that she did not intend to go into politics, the very fact that she bothered to go and talk to the same person in his house, proves that he will not be far away today and she will seriously consider the matter. Therefore, I will present you with two Asiig-style questions.

First, what grade would you give Ofira as a facilitator and media woman? And the second, from one to 10, is it suitable for politics?