Noname Security launches Eith $ 25M in funding

Noname Security, Palo Alto, a CA – based enterprise API security company, launched from stealth today with $ 25m in funding.


Sponsors included Lightspeed, Insight Partners and Cyberstarts.

Founded in 2020 by Oz Golan, CEO, Noname is a complete security platform that allows enterprises to disclose managed and unregulated APIs by the organization, consumed by the organization or used on internally, thus eliminating the API security blind spots that exist in most businesses. today.

The oname company provides an agent-free security platform that gives enterprises a holistic view of activity and threats in their environment. It integrates with existing IT infrastructure and gives businesses visibility, security and control over any API, whether on or outside of corporate API gateways.

Noname also has an office in Tel Aviv.

Golan was Director of Engineering at NSO. He was co-founder and CTO of Shay Levi in ​​the 8200 Select Unit of the Israeli Defense Forces, founded by alumni of Check Point, Waze (acquired by Google) and Palo Alto Networks.