Noname raised $ 25 million to secure software interfaces for corporations

The Israeli start-up Noname Security (Nonimim), which deals with security of software interfaces (API Security) for corporations, announced today the raising of $ 25 million. The company invested in Insight, Lightspeed, and CyberStarts. The company is developing a security platform “that enables organizations to identify and secure the managed and unmanaged interfaces in the organization, whether they are managed by the organization itself, consumed by it or intended for internal use.”

Nonim was established in early 2020 by the company’s CEO Oz Golan, and the VP of technology, Shai Levy, who met during their military service in Unit 8200. Prior to founding the company, Golan led the research and development department at NSO. Levy worked on Facebook and held technological and managerial positions in the field of monetization.

The company employs about 30 people at the company’s headquarters in Palo Alto and in its offices in Tel Aviv, where the company’s research and development activities are concentrated. Following the recruitment, the company intends to recruit dozens more employees and grow to about 100 employees by the end of 2021. The company announced that it is working with “a number of Fortune 500 companies”.

According to the company, its product was developed against the background of “software interfaces are a critical part of the digital transformation that organizations go through, but in many companies, and especially large corporations, interface security is underdeveloped and therefore vulnerable to attacks.” The company said in a statement that “according to Gartner, by 2022, malicious use of the API is expected to turn from a rare occurrence to the most common attack vector – which could lead to information leaks from corporate network applications.”

Noniim’s security platform is based on agent-free information gathering, and provides corporations with a complete snapshot of the activities and API threats in their environment.

The company’s CEO Golan said that “there is no doubt that APIs are a significant weakness. API weakness on T-Mobile’s site revealed company data; A security breach in the U.S. Postal Services API revealed the personal information of more than 60 million people who use the Internet interface, allowing users connected to the service to request the information of any other user from the system. Since organizations cannot deploy Agents on all enterprise application servers, We can not rely on the network architecture to move all APIs through a single gateway, a new approach is needed. We set up Noni to provide organizations with visibility and security for all the APIs in their environment, without requiring Agents or relying on Gateway APIs. Can prevent APIs from endangering corporate assets, whether they are managed by the organization’s IT or not. “

According to CyberStarts founder Gili Raanan, “The exponential growth in the use of APIs creates risks that most organizations still do not know how to deal with. Puts them on the safe path to success. “