Nintendo releases ‘Swapnote Remastered’ update, despite killing the app seven years away


Remember Swapnote, the Nintendo 3DS app you can no longer use? Well, Nintendo released an update later for Nintendo.

That’s right, Swapnote – no Nintendo letterbox as it was known in PAL departments – the remaster treatment was given to him seven years after the company disabled the main feature. Nintendo America’s official support site notes that a new software update for the title has been released and is available for download.

We’ll leave the full patch notes below – be warned, you may want to set aside a couple of times and prepare a cup of tea for this one:

Swapnote Remastered (Published December 15, 2020)

Thanks, we lead?

You may remember that the popular note-sharing service was effectively discontinued back in 2013 after Nintendo discovered that some users, including toddlers , used to “exchange offensive materials.” The app’s SpotPass utility has been removed, meaning you couldn’t send notes to others over the internet, and even though StreetPass activity was left intact, it would be hard for you to walk with strangers the street that still carries the 3DS around. .

Why has Nintendo bothered to update an app that can only be used by a very pick a few at this point that are beyond us, but there we are.