Nintendo closes Loophole that allowed publishers to “game” eShop sales card

Switch eShop© Nintendo Life

Remember last Christmas, when the QubicGames publisher took away 10 Switch titles for free? The kind promotion – which meant you could pay 100% off the price of 10 of the publisher’s titles, while already owning another QubicGames – led the free games to top of the eShop charts, as Nintendo runs downloads over 14 days. , no matter how much a game costs.

However, we won’t see this kind of promotion again, as it has been discovered that Nintendo has closed the gap that allows publishers to offer their games for free while one of their titles the buyer already has and they still appear in the records. The upgrades can still be made, but the publishers will not benefit from a greater presence on the eShop – which basically makes such promotion useless.

While this clever way of “gaming” the eShop is no longer a legitimate choice, the question of companies offering deep discounts on their titles to promote them to the top of the eShop charts is still not, and is not. they seem to disappear so quickly. Their prices can still reduce games by 90% and bring them into the charts.