Nigella Lawson leads debate with hard judgment on ‘sad sad carrots’

Nigella Lawson is causing controversy again.

The celebrity chef made headlines last week with her weird pronunciation of the word “microwave”, and she seems to be back with another interesting catch.

The brunette beauty has sparked a debate about carrots after saying cutting them into rounds is “very depressing”.

In the latest installment of her show on BBC2, Cook, Eat Repeat, Nigella emphasized that vegetables should be included in bats.

The 60-year-old prepared her chicken “family favorite” dish with orzo – “one pot dish designed to bring comfort and joy” and “one of the mainstays of her life”.

After browning the chicken in the pan, Nigella took off the heat and added grated lemon zest, garlic, a sprinkle of dried tarragon, chopped beer and some carrots.

Nigella says it’s ‘infinitely boring’ to cut carrots in rounds

As she submitted the carrots, she said: “I have been very open about my prejudices over the years, but let me say again, that I can get carrots cut in rides are very depressing, so it always batons me. “

Naturally, the comments share an audience at home as they rip to social media to share their opinions.

One viewer wrote: “@Nigella_Lawson IS finally someone who agrees with me !!”

Nigella’s judgment of carrots seems to have divided fans

Another wrote: “Out for dinner a few years ago and the waiter asks us if everything was all right. My friend points to me and says, ‘I didn’t like it to him how the carrots were cut. So happy tonight to hear @Nigella_Lawson agree. Good company to be in. “

Although a third said: “I never ate my carrots at school because they were round. Batons every time.”

But some fans weren’t convinced by Nigella’s comment, as they took to Twitter to go against the celeb chef.

Nigella made headlines last week with her weird pronunciation of the word “microwave”

“Like the show, I got the book to add to everything else. But on batons v circular circles, I have to agree,” wrote one critic.

Another said: “Ooh #Nigella, beg to be different. He was married for 20 years to a” carrot baton “man. BETTER TASTE ROUNDS !!!! Batons are too flimsy to taste anything.”

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