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The Corona in Germany, 15.12.20 / DW News

Contrary to expectations in the fall months
Schools in Europe are closing
Europe is aligning with the United States [צילום: מארק לניהאן, AP]

The eruption of the corona is forcing some European countries to take the last step before closing – but not as tightly as in the spring months, the Washington Post reports

source: Rick Noak, Washington Post (16/12/2020)

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The rise in Corona is forcing many states to close schools again, despite early promises that they will remain open throughout the winter, the Washington Post reports. The last country so far to do so is Germany, most of whose students have moved (Wednesday, 16.12.20) to distance learning as part of stricter closure rules. Schools were closed both in the Netherlands and in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

The closure of schools in Germany and the Netherlands is a significant U-turn in Europe, where governments announced just a few months ago that opening schools is a high priority given the fact that they are not hotspots. Countless studies have shown that the virus is more limited in children; A study in Iceland concluded that the risk of infection under the age of 15 is only half that of adults. France was able to significantly flatten the curve in the November closure, without closing schools.

However, experts warn that the renewed outbreak could turn schools – and especially high schools – into hotspots. The rate of infection increases linearly with age, from the age of ten to the age of 20 – says Carrie Stephenson, CEO of the Icelandic biotech company Decode Genetics, which conducted the study on childhood infection. She found that although younger children are less vulnerable, older children Contribute to the spread of the virus.In light of this, says Stephenson, closing schools in Germany and the Netherlands makes sense.

A similar step may soon be taken in more parts of the continent. London Mayor Zadek Khan called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson earlier this week (14.12.20) to close high schools in the city, saying students are now responsible for a significant rate of infection in the UK capital. Closing in Europe is an alignment with the US, where in recent weeks schools have been reopened or reopened. But while in the US school closures come before steps like closing restaurants and bars, in Europe it is considered a last resort before a general closure.

The post mentions that most countries in the world closed schools in the first wave; At one point, 90% of the students around the world were at home. Students in poor countries were much more severely affected than those in rich countries, because in the absence of laptops and Internet connection – they could not get even a partial replacement of distance learning. But even in some of the richest countries in Europe, the closure of schools has caused concern. Researchers have warned that prolonged closure will create mental problems and leave students from the weaker sections behind.

The German Infectious Diseases Agency called in October to set a goal of continuing studies in the coming months. But even as these hopes fade, there are signs that the closure this coming winter will be different than the previous spring. In some German districts, class attendance was determined to be voluntary – which means that the recommendation is to stay at home, but children can go to school if their parents cannot work from home. Whereas Denmark, which has also jumped the number of patients in recent days, has announced that only older students will be sent home – although restrictions may be tightened if the situation worsens.

date: 17/12/20 | Updated: 17/12/20

Itamar Levin

+The Palestinian Authority imposes new restrictions

The Palestinian Authority has announced new restrictions on its territory following the increase in the number of corona patients – schools and universities will be closed starting this coming Sunday, a ban on cross-border districts will begin, and any village or town where morbidity rises will be closed to entry and exit.
[עידן יוסף, 17:49 17/12/20]

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+The leader of the Likud faction, Aliza Berashi, became infected in Corona

Aliza, the leader of the Likud faction, became infected in Corona. A statement from the Knesset officer stated that in my head she was in the Knesset last Monday (14.12.20). The Knesset continues to conduct an epidemiological examination and investigation together with the professionals in the Ministry of Health.

[מירב ארד, 15:05 17/12/20]

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+King of Sweden: “We have failed in the fight against the corona plague”

King of Sweden Carl Gustav: “We have failed in the fight against the corona plague.” The remarks were made against the background of the fact that so far in Sweden there have been about 7,800 deaths from Corona, compared to about 1,800 deaths in neighboring Finland, Norway and Denmark combined.
[עידן יוסף, 11:57 17/12/20]

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+Deri: I will be vaccinated on Sunday

Minister Aryeh Deri on Twitter: “This coming Sunday I will be vaccinated against the corona virus. I will do this to serve as an example to the public, because it is very important, life-saving and instructed by the great men of Israel. Everyone must be vaccinated, only then will we return to life.”
[עידן יוסף, 10:19 17/12/20]

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+The top of the Ministry of Health went into isolation

Health Ministry Director General Hezi Levy and Head of Public Health Services Sharon Elrai Price went into isolation after being exposed to a verified patient. Additional employees in the office also went into isolation. In his last inspection this morning, CEO Levy was found to be negative for the virus.
[עידן יוסף, 09:28 17/12/20]

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+3.5% of the subjects – positive for the virus

Ministry of Health: 2,802 new infections in Corona in the past day – 3.5% of all tests. 400 patients are hospitalized in critical condition. The death toll from the outbreak rose to 3,034.
[עידן יוסף, 08:38 17/12/20]

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Schools in Europe are closing

The Ministerial Committee on GSS Affairs approved the reduction of the use of the General Security Service’s surveillance tools in the fight against the corona virus. The Ministerial Committee, headed by Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen, decided that the reduction in the use of GSS IDFs would begin in about a month.

Researchers at the Hebrew University estimate that within a week the State of Israel will reach the morbidity levels defined for the implementation of ‘tightened restraint’ measures and that this is a scenario that seems inevitable. According to sources in the health system, there is a chance that next week the state will have to announce a closure in which, in contrast to tightening restraint, there will be tight traffic and trade restrictions, and all schools in Israel will be closed.

The Deputy Chief of Staff, Major General Eyal Zamir, instructed the IDF to prepare for the implementation of the Corona vaccination campaign. The vaccination campaign will be managed by the Technology and Logistics Division, under the professional leadership of the Medical Corps, while establishing a customized logistics envelope. The purpose of the operation is to provide the Corona vaccine to all IDF soldiers, in the shortest period of time from the moment the vaccines are received, in a supervised, effective and professional manner.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claims that the increase in morbidity stems from the citizens’ sense of ‘end-of-course atmosphere’ which is expressed in disregard for the Corona’s guidelines, thinking that the crisis is behind us.

Some people are much luckier than others. In the past year, while India’s economy is shrinking due to the corona, the wealth of the two richest people in the country has skyrocketed. The wealth of Gautam Adani, who specializes in areas ranging from ports to coal, has doubled to $ 32 billion. Ambani Mine, which deals with oil, communications and trade, is now worth $ 75 billion – a 25% increase.

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