New COVID-19 strain: Double masking offers protection, say UAE doctors

Wearing surgical masks with proper equipment or doubling up on masks can significantly reduce the release of Covid-19 and reduce the release of new, more contagious strains, according to UAE doctors.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) report confirms the finding that good conditioning can increase the effectiveness of an overall mask, they said. “This CDC study compared non-wearing a mask, a poorly fitted surgical mask, a cloth-only mask and a double mask in the simulation of respiratory droplets between two – source and disposal. The study found that when people wear a well-equipped surgical mask covered with a cloth mask they can increase their protection from aerosol drops by 95 percent or more, ”said Dr. Shipra Rai of specialist in-house medicine. , Central Medical Center – Al Qasimia.

Dr Zeeshan Anwar, GP, Aster Rafa Poly Clinic – International City, said: “One has to start with a surgical mask and a mask. It provides excellent filtration preventing respiratory droplets and reducing visibility, especially when we have new Covid mutations around the world. ”

Protection of the nose from the entry of any pathogen is extremely important in the prevention of the disease. “Dual shelter gives us extra protection as Covid-19 is the common entry portal through the nose. Therefore, the face mask should be held above the nose. Many times we see people covering only the mouth, not the nose and there is no reason to wear the mask if the nose is still undetected, ”said Dr Sunil Vyas, an expert specialty, Aster Hospital – Al Qusais.

However, the study has limitations, say physicians. The results are not common for men with beards and facial hair, who may wear masks or children, who have smaller faces. The study did not compare two surgical masks or two masks. “Do not combine two fragile masks as fragile masks are not designed to fit snugly and wearing more than one will not improve. Do not cover other masks on top of N95 or KN95, these should be used in isolation, ”said Dr Anil Grover, specialist in-house medicine, Central Hospital.

Most masks are not medical grade

Most fragile masks in the consumer market are not medical-grade, but they are still made of polypropylene, a non-woven fabric that transfers electronically.

This means that they are still getting high symptoms when it comes to blocking the virus, say doctors. The problem is that loose-fitting masks can leave gaps where viral particles can get in and out when they are alone.

“Whether wearing two masks would provide better protection or reduce Covid-19 transmission depending on the type of face mask. There are different types of face masks available and N95 is known to be the best and offers the most protection. The N95 mask blocks 95 percent of the grains. So if one is wearing an N95 mask, there is no need for an extra one, ”said Dr Alaa Zedan, specialist in-house medicine, Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery – Dubai.

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