Netanyahu is not the man to repair Israel’s economy

After World War II in 1945, Winston Churchill was hailed as Britain’s most popular prime minister of all time, thanks to his prominent role in the Allied victory over the Nazis.

It looks like Churchill was going to win the elections, but he wasn’t going to be. Instead he was strongly influenced by the leader of the Labor Party, Clement Atlee, because many people did not believe that Churchill could hope to destroy an economy with the war.

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אנשים מחפשים אוכל בפחים בצל משבר הקורונה

An Israeli woman scrubs for food in a dump thrown during a coronavirus emergency

(Photo: nadav abas)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used to shape his public image after Churchill, often comparing his own assertion to the intention of the British leader in the fight against the Nazis.

Netanyahu did great service to Israel in this time of crisis thanks to his determination to get many coronavirus vaccines. But like Churchill after the war, Netanyahu must be unopened now because it is clear that he has no power to repair the country ‘s disastrous economy.

Netanyahu understands that the economy is the next big problem as he chose to change strategy ahead of Tuesday’s vote to reflect that.

Spraying astronomy no longer means intimidating the public to vote for it. No, now Netanyahu is about the economy.

Instead of warning that “Arabs are stamping into the polls” to scare his supporters into casting their votes for him, Netanyahu is now plastering a slogan of the health system’s hope “back to life” on each of his party’s election posters.

According to Netanyahu, while the left wing is busy overlooking the Zionist Religious party he was involved in, he is only concerned about the future of our children.

Netanyahu held the position of finance minister during Ariel Sharon’s term as prime minister back in 2003 to 2005. During that time he chose to cut budgets from government ministries, welfare services and social programs.

And while he was advocated for seemingly putting the economy better than his own political career, as a result Likud won just 12 seats in the 2006 elections.

For Likud voters – most of whom came from poorer areas – Netanyahu was the cause of their financial feelings.

4 צפייה בגלריה

סטיקר מחאה נסגר בגלליסטיקר מחאה נסגר בגללי

A business that has closed through the pandemic is displaying a poster of Benjamin Netanyahu with the message ‘Shut down because of me’

(Photo: Moti Kimchi)

“As finance minister I put my personal interests aside and went against my constituents to save the Israeli economy; I was ready to shed my own political blood, ”said Netanyahu at the time.

How things have changed. Today Netanyahu is unwilling to pour out state coffers to please his voters and coalition partners who will work to make him a sheriff’s prime minister.

Some of these partners are ultra-orthodox parties and the electorate, which have received large budgets and a number of benefits.

The number of yeshiva students across the country has doubled since 2014. It now stands at 160,000 – all free of military service and funded by the state.

According to Bank of Israel estimates, the Haredi community’s refusal to infiltrate the labor market has done nothing but harm the state’s economy.

“The education [system] of the ultra-Orthodox will do great damage to the growth of the economy. It is an organization that in the future will make up more than 20% of the state’s workforce, which will severely damage Israel’s GDP, ”the bank wrote in its 2019 report.

And that was before the pandemic hit the economy. The budget deficit for 2020 stands at NIS 160 billion (about $ 48.5 billion), which Israel’s working population will have to cover through cuts in services it deserves from the state.

And while Netanyahu in 2003 may have had a chance to dig Israel out of its financial hole, Netanyahu has little hope in 2021.

The leader of Likud will not make any necessary budget cuts or decisions that will benefit the country’s economy, as his hopes for a stable government lie with the ultra-rectangular parties that have proven that they do not accept care only for their own MPs even at the expense of the general public. crowd.

Netanyahu is also more vulnerable than ever to being lobbied. His corruption lawsuit is about to start right and he hopes a judicial government will help him protect it from prosecution.

He will pay any price to attract his partners, even if it means stomping around the working class.

Israelis are now at a crossroads. The biggest threat is not Iran or the Palestinians but the declining economy.