Netanyahu at the Likud conference in Raanana: We planned to run a “neighbor procedure” on Bennett today

Netanyahu at the Jerusalem Conference

Photo: Meir Alipur

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed this afternoon (Friday) at the Likud conference in Raanana a gimmick that he tried to perform near the house of right-wing chairman Naftali Bennett but did not succeed in the end.

“We planned to run a ‘neighbor procedure’ today and try to get agreement from Naftali Bennett on a stable right-wing government and a commitment not to sit with Lapid in government – with or without rotation. Since Bennett announced he was not interested, we decided to give it up.”

It should be noted that the term “neighbor procedure” is a procedure used by the defense establishment to fight terrorism. The procedure is activated when there is a suspicion of a wanted and armed terrorist who is fortified inside a house. In a difficult situation, a neighbor of the wanted person was sent to knock on the door and ask the terrorist to turn himself in.

Earlier, Bennett released a video in which he called on Netanyahu to confront. A vehicle of the Shulmanim also arrived in the area of ​​Bennett’s house, Bennett left his house – and Netanyahu canceled his arrival. After hours, the checkpoints set up by the police and the GSS at the scene were lowered.

On the right, they attacked: “Netanyahu came to harass, Bennett called for a confrontation – Netanyahu fled. The cost of the gimmick: half a million NIS for taxpayers. Netanyahu planned to arrive outside the house of right-wing chairman Naftali Bennett today. The information is certain (approved by the police and the GSS on the ground), no other conference in Raanana. Netanyahu wanted to roll over, and fled at the last minute. The debate is ready, the chairs are waiting, what is he afraid of? “