Neta Barzilai in a new and great cover album mini

Since Toy with him won the Eurovision Song Contest and after some formulaic gimmick hits like “Bassa Sabba” and “Banana Mint”, Neta Barzilai has not been so interested in me musically, not curious and did not realize the musical potential inherent in the talented musician she is.

Instead of choosing unique songs that would break through in her special way, she chose to fall for balloony and unnecessary songs that were rightly forgotten from the mind.

But this Friday she released a new mini-album based on her online series that was a success on Corona-era networks – Netta’s Office with six cover versions of various foreign songs in arrangements adapted for her and her musical DNA.

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In fact, Neta Barzilai is incredibly talented and knows how to bring out her best. For example, I was drawn to her exciting and serious interpretation of Bob Dylan’s The Times The Are A Changin ‘that does not shame the original and brings a different angle to the meaning of the song.

Another surprising and unexpected performance is the slow version of “Barbie Girl” that threw me into the nineties and aqua, in an intriguing ballad version. A creative performance that comes out of the box is also the cover for “Blue” by Eiffel 65 that develops from second to second and creates an excellent pop product and so does Mr. President.

In fact, it is clear that Barzilai has invested well in the arrangements, for example she gives a contemporary interpretation of a song that has raised generations of children – “SuperCaliferegalisticExpalidoshi” which loses its musical importance to children but is given a mature and completely different interpretation.

The performance that spoke less to me was the Florida LOW that brings no new or interesting element and sounds like a poor imitation of the original.

A mini-album of covers is the best thing I think Barzilai has done since winning the Eurovision because at least she brings her artistic being and does not try to recycle hits in an attempt to crack the formula. My hope is that in the next step she will be able to intrigue in her original works as well. time will tell.