Negotiations exploded – a few days before the dissolution of the Knesset

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Shortly before Shabbat began, negotiations between the Likud and Blue and White exploded, so that in three days, as we shall now see, the Knesset will dissolve and Israel will enter another election campaign.

According to reports, the latest proposal on behalf of the Likud, in the political crisis between the two coalition parties, included, among other things, the extension of Netanyahu’s term as prime minister at the expense of Ganz, which was stipulated in the replacement prime minister agreement between the two.

The possibility of assuming Netanyahu’s opinion by extending the government’s term from three to four years has been dropped, because it legally requires the support of 70 MKs, and such are not due to the resignation of Shasha Bitton, Handel and Hauser and the additional rebellious voices from ‘blue and white’.

On the other hand, in order to change the date of the exchange between Netanyahu and Gantz, as proposed by the Likud, the fingers of 61 MKs are sufficient.
But Netanyahu’s main demand, the one that apparently blew up the negotiations, was a dramatic cut in Justice Minister Avi Nissenkorn’s powers, including the expropriation of his sole power to nominate a candidate for the next Attorney General and State Attorney, .

In a post he published, Blue-White chairman wrote to Minister Bnei Gantz: “The situation is simple: I led Blue-White and formed a unity government with Netanyahu, because of two epidemics. The plague of the corona and the plague of schism and division. We will leave the government only if it works to eradicate both. “Also the economic corona, which cannot be fought without an expanding and stable state budget and a functioning government, and also the attempts to undermine democracy and undermine the agreement between us and the Likud.”

“There will be no compromises,” Ganz stressed. “I repeat to the Likud: the era of lies is over, the time for action and results has come. If Netanyahu, who repeatedly violates the agreement between us, does not straighten out, we will go to the polls, make sure he is not the prime minister One that no political body from the center of the political map has had in the last decade. “

On the other hand, a senior Likud source said: “At this stage, the media is busy with Pike News. The continuation of government activity requires compromises on all sides, in order to continue together in favor of providing vaccines and financial assistance to Israeli citizens while we see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

“It is a pity to drag the country to the elections at this very time. If elections are forced on us, we are prepared for it and we will win,” the Likud added.

Either way, most likely this coming Tuesday, at midnight, the Knesset will disperse spontaneously, as stipulated by law in the event of non-approval of the state budget for next year.