NASA blesses Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin with launch contract

Jeff Bezos space company Blue Origin has received the official green light from NASA for future space missions, the company announced Wednesday. This unique contract, NASA Launch Services (IDS) Uncertain Size Delivery (IDIQ), allows Blue Origin to perform a range of space-related activities, including sending satellites launch, study, and observation of Earth from space.

“Project managers at NASA Centers across the country can now design a spacecraft to take advantage of New Glenn’s exceptional seven-meter performance and heavy-duty performance for a wide range of missions,” Blue Origin says.

NAND / AFP / Getty MANDEL Photos

What happens next? – The deal is primarily based on Blue Origin’s New Glenn rocket, which is a 310-foot elevation. The plan is to launch New Origin Bluen Glenn into space in 2021. New Glenn senior vice president, Blue Origin, Jarrett Jones, has said, “We are proud to be in the catalog of launch services NASA and we look forward to providing reliable performances for future NASA missions aboard New Glenn for years to come. The award builds on Blue Origin ‘s partnership with NASA and will advance science and research to the benefit of the Earth. ”

What you should know about New Glenn – With the capacity to carry 45 tons into space, New Glenn is designed for intensive space exploration programs. In contrast, it carries “a third more tonnage than SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy,” according to the Businessman. Sorry, Elon.

For Blue Origin, NASA ‘s approval is undoubtedly a boost of confidence for its public image but this is not the first time NASA has donated the space company Bezos. Earlier in May, SpaceX and Dynetics teamed up with Blue Origin in receiving about $ 1 billion from NASA. The group ‘s financial award was aimed at helping these companies come up with designs for equipment to come on the Artemis 3 tour.

There are some problems, however – While NASA feels pleased with the direction Blue Origin is aiming for, Bezos has garnered attention and criticism for its rural views on turning outer space into an industrial zone for endless garbage dump of the Earth. “Our descendants are going to move all the heavy industry off the Earth – all the polluting industry will be done in space where we have unlimited resources for all practical matters and where the Earth can zoning, a light and residential industry, “he said, as Input recently reported. “The land can be this amazing garden.” We are curious to know what NASA has to say sin.