NASA announces its new flagship

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On Thursday, NASA named Reid Wiseman as the space agency’s 17th Chief Astronaut.

In his new role, Wiseman, former deputy astronaut Patrick Forrester, will be a sort of team leader for current and future astronauts, reports. As the group continues to resume crew space exploration and send crews back to the Moon, it looks like it will be taking the costume through one of the most time consuming. influenced the group in its decades-long history.

Job training

Part of Wiseman’s new role is to manage training and assist in coordinating upcoming missions for the 46 active U.S. astronauts as well as those from other countries collaborating on NASA missions , according to

He will also be responsible for assisting new astronauts as quickly as training and other duties as they are added to the roster.


In addition to helping the former High Astronaut, Wiseman has spent some quality time in space himself, including several space missions and being part of the team that helped him preparation of the International Space Station for upcoming SpaceX and Boeing missions, according to

“Reid’s energy and commitment to space exploration is only matched by his way of thinking and his commitment to the astronauts,” Steve Koerner, NASA’s Director of Aviation Operations, said in a press release. “He will be a great leader for the astronaut’s office in the exciting times ahead.”

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