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Sweden, known for its resolute approach to closures and binding restrictions, presented the new steps it is forced to take to reduce morbidity in Corona. 16 Gustav, “I think we failed”


Sweden's chief epidemiologist Anders Tegeln (Photo: Reuters)
Photography: Reuters

“Right steps at the right time”: Sweden, known in recent months for its resolute approach against closures and binding restrictions, presented today (Friday) the difficult steps it intends to take in order to reduce morbidity against the backdrop of the second wave of morbidity in the country. Contrary to the norm it has written to date, the state has ordered the closure of non-essential public workplaces and a ban on wearing masks at major public transport stations.

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Sweden, which has advocated a unique system and opposed the closure of the education system, businesses and restaurants, seems to be changing direction in light of the country’s high morbidity figures, which have peaked weekly over the past two months. The death toll in the country is close to 8,000 people, with mortality in Sweden per capita several times higher than that of its Nordic neighbors.

Prime Minister Stephen Leven declared today that non-essential public workplaces – like gyms, pools and libraries starting Tuesday for about a month. “We are doing what we did during this epidemic, the right steps at the right time – and that’s what it’s,” Leven said.

Corona, Sweden, Sweden (Photo: AP)
Photo: AP

Against the background of the harsh criticism that the leadership in Sweden received in Israel and around the world about how it dealt with the corona crisis, the King of Sweden, Carl the 16th, Gustav “I think we have failed”. Gustav added that “the people of Sweden have suffered from very difficult conditions. We have a large number of people who have died as a result of the virus and it is terrible.”

The corona is spreading in Europe

In other countries on the continent there has been a significant increase in morbidity in Corona. In the UK, 28,507 new verified people infected with the corona virus are reported today. Also 489 people died during the last day as a result of infection with the virus.

Britain, England, Corona (Photo: Reuters)
Photo: Reuters

In Switzerland, the Ministry of Health has ordered the application of additional restrictions under which all restaurants, sports and leisure centers will be closed for a month starting Tuesday. Along with the restrictions, the government called on the public to stay in homes during this period as much as possible in order to curb the rise in morbidity.