N12 – Ministry of Health: From tomorrow

Following the first publication on the N12 on Wednesday – the Ministry of Health announced tonight (Saturday) that starting tomorrow, Sunday – 20.12.20, all countries of the world will be considered red. However, the requirements will not apply to those returning from countries that were green until today and returning from them before next Saturday, 26.12. Transport Minister Miri Regev has expressed opposition to the decision, and she will ask for an alternative outline tomorrow at the cabinet meeting.

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According to the decision of the director general of the Ministry of Health, from Sunday onwards, anyone returning from abroad will have to go into solitary confinement for 14 days, or alternatively 10 days, given two corona tests – first test on return and second test 9 days after landing, 24 days apart. Hours between the two tests. Minister Regev will tomorrow propose an outline that will require two tests for returnees from countries that are today considered green, without the need for isolation.

Earlier this week, the Ministry of Health recommended the definition of all red countries in the world, and since such a decision is under the authority of the director general of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Hezi Levy, and does not require corona cabinet approval, he approved it last night. The United Arab Emirates, the Seychelles and Rwanda – which were considered green, and to which quite a few Israelis have traveled in recent months.

Prof. Itamar Grotto (Photo: Moti Milrod, TheMarker)
Prof. Grotto objected | Photo: Moti Millrod, TheMarker
Dr. Sharon Elrai-Price
Dr. Elrai-Price. Supported

Although the Ministry of Health has previously clarified that any change in the definition of states will also be accepted with the consent of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the move was ultimately made by the Ministry of Health only. In a discussion held on the subject last week, internal disagreements were revealed: while Prof. Itamar Grotto, Deputy CEO, believed that the UAE should remain green due to the morbidity data there, Dr. Sharon Elrai Price, head of public health services, thought she should become To Red because of the fear of being infected by crowds of Israelis vacationing there.

Tomorrow, the Corona Cabinet will discuss additional restrictions aimed at reducing the level of morbidity in the country. Among other things, the ministers will discuss closing trade and the possibility of tightening restrictions on citizens. However, there are disagreements within the government and it is still unclear what decisions will be made.