N12 – First Post | Doctors Against Limitations: “Loss of Values”

“Destructive and dangerous measures”: During the Corona crisis, there are often voices of criticism and harsh attacks against the cabinet, the government and its leader regarding the steps taken to deal with the virus. But the things we publish tonight (Saturday) for the first time – are very significant and unprecedented. A group of more than 100 doctors drafted a letter, in which they strongly opposed the closures and restrictions: “The coercive measures taken are an expression of a loss of values, a heavy cloud over them.”

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“We, doctors in Israel, are vehemently protesting against coercive measures to prevent the spread of the corona, which include closure, curfew, shutdown of the education system, locating and traffic restrictions,” they wrote. “It is our job to warn of the slippery and dangerous slope of violating rights and taking liberties that the State of Israel is galloping on.”

According to them – “with proper preparation, Corona does not have a real ability to collapse the health care system in Israel.” They went on to describe the damages they claim are caused as a result of the restrictions and closure – in the various areas of life: economy, education, culture, welfare, society and mental health.

A policeman at a checkpoint on Road 1 during the closure on Passover (Photo: Nati Shochat, Flash 90)
“Destructive and dangerous measures.” Israel in days of closure | Photo: Nati Shochat, Flash 90

They sharpened their tone and said: “The coercive measures taken in the last 9 months in the country are an expression of a loss of values ​​and are in conflict with the ethical foundations of medicine. A heavy cloud rests on their continued adoption.” The doctors added: “The coercive measures now being discussed are a devastating violation of basic civil rights, and their enforcement – devoid of medical justification, and a black flag being raised above it.”

PM Netanyahu at the Corona Cabinet Meeting (Photo: Amos Ben Gershom, p
“Closure – without medical justification”. Corona Cabinet Meeting, Archive | Photo: Amos Ben Gershom, GPO

They concluded their letter with a message to the decision-makers, calling on them to immediately and sweepingly cease the use and enforcement of these measures: “Forced and above all, the enforcement of traffic restrictions of any kind are destructive and dangerous, and there is no connection between them and the medical profession. The basis for taking them is not medical.”