Moshe and Simcha Nizri from Migdal HaEmek were killed on their way to a vacation at the Dead Sea – Israel News

Moshe and Simcha Nizri from Migdal HaEmek were killed on their way to a vacation at the Dead Sea – Israel News

Moshe and Simcha Nazri

Moshe and Simcha Nazri

Photo: Courtesy of the family

Moshe and Simcha Nizri from Migdal Haemek are the couple who were killed in the fatal car accident that occurred today (Wednesday) between a truck and a private vehicle on Road 90 near the village of Uja in the Jordan Valley.

Moshe, 75, a police retiree and his wife Simcha, 63, a caregiver for the elderly, were on their way to a vacation at the Dead Sea.

Police are investigating why the vehicle in which they were traveling deviated from its route and collided with a truck coming from the opposite direction. Moshe and Simcha left behind six children.

Migdal Haemek Mayor Eli Barda said that “the Migdal Haemek family is saddened and saddened by the tragedy that befell the Nizri family, one of the city’s most respected and founding families. The residents embrace the family and the authority will accompany them closely.”

The mayor added that “Moshe established the Yishma Moshe synagogue in the Nof HaEmek neighborhood of the city, and he kept it with his own money. He educated his children to love others for giving and the tradition of Israel, loved others and helped in everything.”

Senior MDA paramedic Yonatan Shenbai said: “When we arrived at the scene, we saw that it was a very serious frontal accident between a private vehicle and a truck. The two occupants of the vehicle were trapped in it while unconscious and suffering severe injuries to their bodies, during the complex rescue operations we performed medical tests, the man was without signs of life and we had no choice but to determine his death at the scene. The woman who was rescued from the vehicle was unconscious, we performed advanced resuscitation operations on her, but after a long period of intensive medical treatment, we were forced to determine her death. “

The scene of the accident

Photo: MDA Spokeswoman

Erez Kita, CEO of the Green Light Association, said: “Had there been a railing separating the lanes, the accident would probably have been avoided and the deaths of two people could have been prevented. Route 90 continues to claim victims. “Despite the statements of the Ministry of Transportation and Road Safety about improving the infrastructure on the road, almost nothing was done and every trip continues to be a gamble on life.”

“Road 90 is a major traffic route to the Jordan Valley and the Arava and Eilat area. The number of vehicles moving on the road is growing and accordingly the risk is increasing. Unfortunately more and more people will be killed on the road in road accidents, so why wait to be killed and only then repair the road?”

“We must wake up, this is a first-class national life-saving project. The road must include two lanes in each direction with separation between lanes to prevent frontal accidents, arranging entrances and exits from settlements and turning the road from red to a safe road. Not only the driver is responsible for road accidents .