Monday: Water stop on all streets starting at 22:00

The “Third Well” water corporation is completing work to renovate the city’s main water line. A water outage is expected tomorrow (Monday) starting at 22:00

Posted on: 2/14/21 8:03 AM

The “Well Well” water corporation is completing the work to renew the main water line of the city of Rehovot. Following the works, a water outage is expected tomorrow (Monday, February 15) from 22:00 until Tuesday (16.2) at 06:00. Disruptions in the water supply to various parts of the city are expected to continue until 12:00 p.m.

In order to streamline the work and shorten the duration of the disruptions in the water supply, the intersection of Dubenbaum – Hanna Avrech – South Front streets will be closed to vehicular traffic from Monday (15.2) at 09:00 until Tuesday (16.2) at 06:00. Blocking the junction will allow the workers of the third well to prepare the infrastructure for the installation of the water line in the most efficient way, in order to shorten the duration of the disruptions in the water supply and reduce the damage to the quality of life of the residents.

Meanwhile, the Water Corporation “The Third Well” has launched a new website and more services for residents, at

The new site is designed to streamline the service for residents, save them from phone inquiries and the need to get to the corporation’s offices. The new website emphasizes the possibility of easy and quick inquiries regarding water bills, and payment through it. For any question or request to the corporation, a digital form can be filled out, which will be handled by the corporation staff.

The site contains a smart navigation bar for quick operations and information retrieval, centralizes all the services of the Third Well Corporation digitally, allows you to join a credit card standing order securely and at the click of a button, or join to receive the water bill by e-mail quickly. Also, for residents who object to a human response, the site allows for a telephone appointment with a quick registration.

The third well site

Zuri Shaubi, Acting CEO of the Third Well Corporation: “The corporation is constantly working to improve the service to the residents and streamline it. The new website conveys all the relevant information to the residents and allows them to perform almost any action in front of the corporation independently and easily. “

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