Momi Levy: Following the testimony against him – his show will go off the air

This week, a report conducted by the journalists was published in “The Hottest Place in Hell.” Galit Harali Testimony and Sharon Sporer On the radio broadcaster Momi Levy. The investigation brought six different pieces of evidence of alleged sexual harassment, including three of minors aged 10-16, against broadcaster Momi Levy.

Levy denied the allegations attributed to him and responded that there has never been a forbidden sexual relationship. Following the article, journalist Galit Harali, who revealed the affair, contacted David Ben Best The CEO of the 100FM radio station where Levy is broadcasting, and checked whether the radio would continue to employ the broadcaster after the complaints were published, but did not receive any answers.

It is now known that the radio station 100FM chose to download the program from the air following the accusations attributed to Levy and said: “It is obvious that the station condemns any harassment or sexual assault whatsoever, the program was downloaded from the broadcast.”

Advocate Tali Gottlieb, representing Levy, stated: “The stunned mummy is hurt and upset by the malicious and false publicity in his case. He informed Radius on Friday that he wants not to broadcast in the near future, in which he is dealing with the disgraceful field trial done to him in the town square for no wrong in his palm.”