Modern has received final approval to market the vaccine; The Otto vaccines are coming to Israel – global markets

Modern, Photo: Company website

This was to be expected and is still good news – the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has finally approved Moderna’s vaccine for Corona. The FDA’s panel of experts recommended a few days ago that the drug be marketed, and the Food and Drug Administration approved the marketing of the vaccine in an emergency.

Modern is the pioneer of mRNA technology on the basis of which both the Pfizer and Biontech vaccines were created. As early as Sunday, the first shipments of the vaccine will leave the company’s plants throughout the United States.

The vaccine is also expected to reach us very soon. Israel, which was equipped with agreements with Moderna and Pfizer, purchased 6 million vaccines from Moderna that will be enough for 3 million people (2 vaccines per person). It is estimated that within two to three weeks the people will have been vaccinated.

Modern’s vaccine is more convenient to carry than Pfizer’s. Pfizer’s vaccine requires transport and storage at a temperature of minus 70 degrees. Moderna’s vaccine requires transport and storage at a temperature of minus 15%.

Modern technology is based on a genetic molecule called mRNA and the idea is to produce vaccines synthetically as opposed to traditional vaccines that are based on biological systems. The synthetic method enables rapid production that allows hundreds of millions of vaccines to be issued in a short time, regardless of biological systems.

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