MK Bezalel Smutrich: “Netanyahu will do what he is required to do”

The chairman of the Religious Zionist Party, MK Bezalel Smutrich, does not feel he is wrong when he makes it clear that he will support Benjamin Netanyahu as someone who will also launch the next government.

In an interview for the “Black and White” program with Moshe Glasner and Adv. Avi Blum on the Knesset channel, Smutrich said, “I do not put my cards with Netanyahu, but put them with my public, with my values ​​- which require the formation of a right-wing government. At the end of the map of seats in the polls is very clear, there are currently only two alternatives: a government of the national camp or a government with the left also with Gideon Saar and Naftali Bennett. From this we have to choose, I am very clear in this choice and in my opinion Netanyahu has no other alternatives this time, except for a government with us, which will definitely give us strength. “

“I did not say that Netanyahu has no replacement, when Netanyahu had the option he always preferred to go with the left. When I look at the map today no one wants to sit with him, so he has no alternatives except a right-wing government and no government without me. What matters is the government’s guidelines, I “I refused to sign a surplus agreement without committing to forming a right-wing, national and Zionist government alongside a deep and thorough treatment of the corona crisis,” he added.

He refused to comment on the possibility that Naftali Bennett or Gideon Saar would form a government. “” I’m not talking about people, I deny personal discourse and I think the personalization of the political system is very much responsible for the chaos that has been going on here for the last two years. When dealing with people and not ideas there will be insults and anger. I refuse to take part in this discourse. I look at the reality and it is very clear – a right-wing or left-wing government and in this matter I am not betting on what is false and important to my method for the State of Israel. “

“There is definitely meaning to a prime minister wearing a kippah, but there is no less significance to the composition of that coalition of that prime minister and that is what will determine whether he can realize the values ​​under the dome or it will remain just a symbol, I want essences, values, work plans and not symbols and that It is impossible to accept a left-wing government. “

Smutrich is also not worried about Netanyahu’s wink at the Arab parties. “Netanyahu will do what he is required to do, because without us he has no government. Netanyahu is far from being the leader of the ultimate right. He needs us strong by his side for the government to be truly right-wing.”

On joining the Jewish Power Party and Itamar Ben Gvir, the chairman of the Religious Zionist Party said, “By no means sorry, I am happy about it and proud of the responsibility we have taken and it is the difference between selfish people who look at themselves and people who want to promote values ​​and way. “In order to promote values, we need a right-wing government, in order to have a right-wing government, the right does not have to throw votes in the trash.”

“With Ben Gvir I am running so that the right does not cast votes and a right-wing government can be formed, I am not running with Bennett because he is not willing to commit to a right-wing government. This ‘indulgence’ of ours on the right has cost us the Oslo Accords and thousands more dead and wounded. “This is not coming back, so I took responsibility. I hope that thanks to this responsibility, a full-fledged right-wing government will be formed here.”

On the Likud’s allusions to Itamar Ben Gvir, he said, “I must say that there is something unfortunate that some people on the right have not yet developed a backbone and are constantly frustrated to see what is being said, this stuttering of Netanyahu and Likud people who are constantly looking at what Ben Gvir is saying. It is legitimate. In my opinion, the fact that Netanyahu after so many years is unable to be whole with his value backbone is unfortunate. My value compass says that forming a good government that will do good for the State of Israel is the right and moral thing. Although there are gaps between us. “

In his opinion, most religious Zionist rabbis support his party. “Apart from Rabbi Eitan Eisman, none of the rabbis support the right or work for them. I do not confront rabbis or argue with them, I am their student and they do not owe me anything, they are allowed not to support me and support anyone. I am in dialogue with everyone and I appreciate until the election “The vast majority of them will publicly support religious Zionism, others will support silence, and even if they do not – I promise to continue to respect and consult with them regardless of politics.”