Minister Ohana: A terrible thing happened in the editorial

Amir Ohana

Photo: Meir Alfor

“Israel Hayom” newspaper reporter Moriah Kor conducted an interview with Minister of Internal Security Amir Ohana.

During the interview, Ohana fired at a range and in a video that Ohana also uploaded to his Facebook page, the caption “The center block” appears on the target. Ohana blamed the newspaper and in Israel today they apologized – and said that the passage in question was removed from the video.

“We are doing a terrible thing in editing here,” Ohana wrote. “In reality: I shoot at figures of armed terrorists, and ask if to shoot at the center (center of mass). You can see in the video here that I also hit – the terrorist was shot and falls to the ground. To be on the screen and its title is Gush Merkaz, “Ohana claimed.

“This goal did not appear in reality but was only added in editing. In other words, it is a lie that does not reflect reality – your eyes see. My people are one people. “

Ohana deleted the original post and re-uploaded the video – without the critically acclaimed image. “For the first time in my life, or at least as far as I can remember, I am deleting here from the page a video that came up yesterday and re-uploading it after removing the unnecessary add-on described here, added in editing, I do not know by whom and why, and I noticed it only in retrospect.”

The Israel Today website published a clarification today which read: “In a video uploaded to digital platforms yesterday, Minister Amir Ohana was hosted in a humorous interview as part of the series of interviews ‘Yom Yom MK’ in Mini Israel. During the visit, the Minister experimented with firing at virtual targets. As part of the editing of the video, humorous graphics with bad taste were added, which allegedly showed that the minister was aiming at the ‘Central Bloc’. We make it clear that there was no intention to give an interpretation that is implied as violence, and apologize if anyone is harmed by this. This section has been removed from the video. “