Minister Deri: “Magnetz and Netanyahu demand a solution tonight, it is forbidden to go to the polls”

After the Blue and White and the Likud did not reach a breakthrough in negotiations ahead of the dissolution of the Knesset, Shas chairman Minister Aryeh Deri today calls on the major parties to do everything possible to avoid elections, saying “it is by no means allowed to go to the polls at this time.”

Deri warned that “we are dealing with the corona virus, morbidity is rising, further restrictions are on the way and there is an urgent need to continue to treat the economy.” Deri turned to the leaders and said, “I demand that Netanyahu and Gantz find a solution tonight, to prevent elections and allow the government to continue working for the public.”

A Likud source said, “At this point, the media is busy with Pike News. The continuation of government activity requires compromises on all sides to continue together in favor of providing vaccines and financial assistance to Israeli citizens while we see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are prepared for that and we will win. “

In recent days, there has been no breakthrough in contacts between Blue and White and the Likud to postpone the elections. The Likud demands that the powers of Justice Minister Avi Nissenkorn be elected in the election of the State Attorney and the Ombudsman. In addition, the Likud demands a change in the election of judges to the Supreme Court.

Or the continued existence of the agreement and the acceptance of the prime minister in rotation but with a justice minister who is cut off from his powers.