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Warning: There is an article SPOILERS up to 310 program of Star Trek: Discovery.

In “Terra Firma, Part 2” we saw Emperor Georgiou of Michelle Yeoh leave the 32nd century and the USS Discovery crew behind for unknown parts, through the Guardian of Forever. But in a series of post – program interviews, Yeoh made it clear that Georgiou ‘s Star Trek story is not over.

Georgiou will be “live and on.”

In her post-program interview with When Wil Wheaton Asked The Finished Room about saying goodbye by firing “Terra Firma, Part,” Yeoh said:

“Goodbye forever. Not if I have a hand in that … but at that moment it was very sad. Experiencing not seeing my new family for a while… In my thirty years as an actor, Georgiou has been so fulfilling as an actor that it has been awesome. And for that reason alone, I never leave! ”

Later when Wheaton asked about her arc on it Find Yeoh made it even clearer, saying “Georgiou never leaves. She will live and move on. ”

Yeoh made the same point in an interview with Bustle:

“There are so many stories to tell about her,” Yeoh tells Bustle, reassuring me that Georgiou has not gone far from the Star Trek universe. “I know for sure that if we don’t give up, we’re not going to put it on the shelf.”

And Yeoh in that Bustle interview confirmed that Georgiou ‘s future in the 32nd century is not with Star Trek: Discovery:

“Perhaps one of the reasons she’s not in this timeline is being able to go on more of her own events, more of her stories, more of the things she has to live with. . ”

Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham and Michelle Yeoh as Georgiou in “Scavengers”

Find leave “necessary” to establish the Section 31 display

In January 2019 – before the first publication of Find Season 2 – CBS announced the development of a new series that “expands Yeoh’s current role as a member of Starfleet’s Section 31 division, an umbrella group within the Alliance , air Star Trek: Discovery. ”

Forward Finished Room, Yeoh talked about how she had a conversation with him Discovery’s co-exhibitors Alex Kurzman and Michelle Paradise where they explained leaving Georgiou in program 310:

“It got to the point where it was necessary if we were going to make more trips with Emperor Georgiou that some things had to happen. ”

Speaking to TV Insider Yeoh spoke about progress on the Section 31 show, saying:

“I know the EPs and the writers and my team are still working hard because we have so many more stories to tell. … I hope it will be soon. ”

When asked what she would like to explore with Georgiou on the new show, Yeoh appeared a bit, but left the question “when” is the show open:

It depends on what timeline she walks through that door. Obviously she’s not going to live in the future, but I hope in the short time she was there, as she’s an amazing engineer and a great cookie-cutter, she would have learned a lot about that time she would be able to take it with her. Can you imagine what would bring her back to the past? Not changing the future, of course. Developments that could make a big difference, and if it was Section 31, that is what Section 31 is about, is it not?

CBS continues to refer to the Section 31 presentation as an improvement, however, a start date has not been determined for outcome. Prior to the pandemic, producers had stated that they planned to begin the Section 31 show in 2020 after season three onwards. Find paisgte. So far the next new show that has been proven is to go into production Star Trek: A Strange New World, which is expected to begin shooting in early 2021 in Canada. Find season four in Canada began last month and Star Trek: Picard Production work is expected to begin on season two in January in Los Angeles.

Michelle Yeoh as Georgiou, Paul Guilfoyle as Carl and Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham Chief in “Terra Firma, Part 1”

Georgiou is a newcomer

If and when Georgiou is seen again, Michelle Yeoh believes that the former Terran Emperor has changed. Forward The Finished Room she said:

“She was born in a world where there is a sign of weakness, vulnerability means immediate death… And then good Michael Burnham comes, and he changed her. She showed that this was the girl she had always wanted … Michael Burnham was the only person she loved so much and when she met a good Michael Burnham she realized she needed to change. So when she got her second chance with our glorious Guardian [of Forever], it was then that she gained weight to see if she had changed.

As it is very obvious that Emperor Georgiou’s visit has not come to an end. It did not end. But it is up to her to decide whether it will end suddenly. I admired her as she walked through the portal and realized, ‘I am dressed as a Terran emperor, and I see my soldiers in front of me anticipating the badass Emperor. “You can see in her eyes that she has changed a lot.”

And here ‘s more from Bustle:

“She’s definitely had a change of heart,” Yeoh tells Bustle about Georgiou’s time with the Alliance. “She was awake in the sense that she understood that, you could rule with fear and tyranny, but only for a short time. This is what she learned from being in the Main World. It’s about empathy, about hope. It’s about when people have nothing to lose, they don’t worry anymore. And when you don’t have worries, you have no future. “

Speaking to TV Insider, Yeoh highlights what Georgiou learned from Kovich about what happened to the Terran Empire after her departure as another reason to change her heart:

“The Terran empire disappeared after 500 years ago, there were no more crossroads, we never heard from again, and the only thing you can get away with is that we destroyed ourselves . I think she understood when she went back to Michael Burnham and said, “How many times are people going to pick up on us? If we don’t give the people peace and harmony, we just want to kill ourselves. ”She learned that by killing, that was not the answer or the way to manage to move forward. ”

Doug Jones as Saru and Michelle Yeoh as Georgiou in “Terra Firma, Part 2”

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