Michel Pereira will take on Kalinn ‘Khaos’ Williams at UFC Vegas 17

Michel Pereira gets the upper hand over Kalinn ‘Khaos’ Williams at UFC Vegas 17. The match went to the judges’ score.

One of the most exciting fights at UFC Vegas 17 was between Michel Pereira and Kalinn Williams.

With two batting finishes in the first round, Khaos Williams declared himself at the UFC show in a blistering fashion in 2020. At UFC Vegas 17, he entered the Apex as a favorite but, the a man in front of the relatively more experienced and has never suffered a loss in 37 MMA strips.

This was a game that was sure to create a scene. So what exactly surfaced on the last fighting night of 2020?

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Michel Pereira Vs. Kalinn Williams: Match summary

Kalinn “Khaos” Williams, who is also known for looking intimidating, did not miss the opportunity to take a good look at his opponent in the introduction. In the early minutes, the two of them kept their pace and went carefully together.

Initially, Pereira was run by Williams. Finding an explosive finish, Williams threw heavy blows and came on significant strikes, however, Pereira was up for the challenge and made clean connections while resisting. Apparently nothing separated the two in the first round.

In the second round Pereira saw changes and pulled an offensive little gear. Michel Pereira scored two high kicks in this round, which affected Williams ’flexibility. As the round progressed, Pereira became more comfortable and in the dying seconds of the round he caught Williams in a choke claim, but was unable to finish the game as he did not. the clock allowed it to hold for a long time.

In the third and final round, follow the back and forth and they went to the finish. After 15 minutes they were both physically drained and it was difficult to choose who got the edge. However, according to the judges, Williams was replaced on the scorecard by Michael Pereira. So judged as the winner of the match by unanimous decision.

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