Messiah does not come: about the many failures in Maccabi Tel Aviv, model 2020/21

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Waiting for Christ
If you want to pack and frame in one sentence the basketball of Maccabi Tel Aviv model 2020/21, and probably also of the previous model, it will most likely be a basketball of waiting for the Messiah. And yes, you are more than welcome to hum the classics of Shalom Hanoch at the same time, including the descent and the bass voice in the letter V that connects the key man who has his hand in everything andHand all in it.

And this mess is sometimes Scotty Wilbkin, who is supposed to save the stuck attacking game. And this Messiah is mostly Othello Hunter, who is supposed to both save the defensive game and also repair the injuries of the opening five. And this Messiah, as proved last season, is the crowd that fills the home hall and turns a team that presents mediocre basketball into one that knocks on the doors of the Final Four of the second best league in the world.

But yes, a basketball of waiting for Christ. And if you know that it’s Guel who’s supposed to settle down at some point, suddenly it makes perfect sense to start game after game after game after game with fives that everyone knows will lead the Yellows to an early deficit. And if we only go for the last two weeks, then in the winning game against Red Star Belgrade, Hunter jumped off the bench 16: 9 behind, to stabilize and save. And in the important away win over Valencia, the Hunter jumped to the floor 18: 9 behind with a lifebuoy in his hand. And yesterday, in the Astrobel Hall in Wilburban which is in the suburbs of Lyon, it only happened at minus 23:18, in small. And by the time Hunter remembered to put on the superhero mask, the lag had already stabilized at 27:18. Because you know what it’s like. Sometimes even Christ takes time to move and reach.

And it could be that someone in yellow thinks this is actually a cool policy. And it is possible that Yannis Sapropoulos feels that it is actually nice for him to start every game when he gives a goal to the opponent. And in the absence of another logical explanation, perhaps this is the reason why Maccabi Tel Aviv immediately chooses a five every week that is less good than its rival. Because that’s exactly what’s going on. Then wait for Hunter to come.

Now is the time to discuss the issue of the five of the Israeli champions. Before that, at your disposal, some data.

First of all, you should know that statistically and seasonally so far, Maccabi Tel Aviv wins in two of the four quarters played. The problem: she loses quarters number 1 and number 4. That is, the quintet with which the coach chooses to open the game, after preparing and thinking about it during all the days before, and the quintet with which he chooses to finish, after examining and analyzing the performance on the floor in the first thirty minutes. And in the preparation of before and in the thought of in the meantime, fives are chosen for them and the teams that lose are chosen. That it’s not good, in my humble opinion.

A second figure that is worth presenting refers to those who develop a regular in the starting lineup. These are first and foremost Wilbkin and Žižić, who have a regular subscription at the beginning of every game played this season in the Euroleague. You can also add Cloiaro and Bryant, who started all but one of the games. On the face of it, four players deserve all, or at least most opinions, no? so that’s it. probably not. Because if we have already established and proven that there is a serious problem (also) in the beginning of the games, in a way that makes waiting for Christ become the official policy, then maybe it’s time, my mother asks, to think about change?

And changes can come in all sorts of thoughts and forms.

Angelo Cloiaro, for example, is an actor’s sweetheart. Which by definition, should be one that rises from the bench. The thing is that in the current forward situation of the Yellows, there are not too many worthy alternatives. And such a worthy alternative should have long ago landed in old Ben-Gurion on the way to old Elijah.

Ante Žižić, for example. The writer of these lines was, and still is, a kind of one, one who defends and justifies the signing of the man in the summer. And those who explain why the others, and not he, are to blame for his lack of exploitation in attack on the one hand and the lack of defensive cover-up that can somewhat dim his weaknesses on the side where they are supposed to guard. And if we are currently only referring to the start of games, then this story of the top five at the banker level should end. I do not know how to confirm the news that surfaced last summer about the promise given to Elam for a permanent place in the top five, unlike what he was not promised, possibly, at Real Madrid. I do know that in 8 of the games played so far, the Žižić lost or missed a ball in the first minute. And I do know that with him lately in general and at the beginning of games in particular it does not work. So why not change?

And Scotty Wilbkin, for example. Without a shadow of a doubt, the most talented basketball player in Maccabi Tel Aviv. And, without a doubt, the most talented attacking players in the history of this club. Oh, and with him it does not work this season, either (but not only, as we will analyze immediately) at the beginning of games. And if so, then perhaps one can think, mercifully, in his own direction. Because CSKA’s Mike James is also the most talented basketball player on the old continent. Which does not stop him from being a bench player in most games this season. And there is always the example of Sergio Rodriguez. Even Shane Larkin did not own the opening of Andulo Zero’s games this season either. Her previous record.

Because sometimes, certainly when it comes to players like Wilbkin and James, their offensive over-dominance right from the start can hurt. And we said nothing about the defense. And sometimes, even in the absence of a solid and data-based reason, one has to think a little out of the box. To try and fix things that do not work.

Inverted barometer: When Wilbkin is good, Maccabi Tel Aviv loses
Only five games has our armored representative won so far. In four of them she defeated her opponent despite, and perhaps thanks to, Scotty Wilbkin playing below his level. She overcame Alba Berlin despite only 8 points from the franchise player; The Moscow and Zalgiris Kaunas were defeated even though they scored below their season average; Against Basconia, in the last round, Wilbkin achieved his weakest figures this season (5 points in a terrible percentage + his lowest number of minutes this season), and it worked out without him toffee beauty.

And not at all sure it’s all the man’s fault. And sure his and his coach’s basketball does not exactly contribute to improving the situation. Because Wilbkin wants to score, and rightly so. And most of the time these things happen out of nowhere, and a lot.

Take for example this example, which may be worth cutting later for a shorter gif later on (Kadima, your whole challenge), which tells the story of Maccabi Tel Aviv’s attack.

In this course they want Wilbkin to produce. Therefore, a guard is blocked for him to guard, in order to keep the quality guard on him (Letty) away from him and to bring the less annoying guard closer to him, the one who was entrusted to Jones (ink) at the beginning of the game. And now, my friends, let’s count together a few balls from the Wilbkin dribble, and even more so how many times he moves between right and left, as if he were a Member of Knesset for the Center Party. He starts dribbling to the right. Continues left. Passes to the right. Goes left and right again. And when the ball finally reached Jones, with very little time on the second clock, Sapropoulos’ team failed to produce any advantage in their attack, despite the defensive substitution that placed the ink (1.93 cm) on Zizic. And with so many balls and changes of direction Nothing is left.


And not to be misunderstood. Wilbkin offensive lift. Who yesterday introduced another game in which he holds on to his back the entire offensive game of the Yellows. Includes 25 points in good percentages. Includes a game where he is diverse and shows ability even within the three-point arc. Includes a game where he squeezes out 6 fouls and goes 8 times to the line. Includes a game in which, even when the attacking exercise is like nothing, Wilbkin manages to correct, produce and finish.

Here, for example, the state champion runs a ball-inserting exercise known as the “elevator door.” Where Zizić is supposed to arrange Bender for Wilbkin a double block with a slit, through which he is supposed to slip and get a shooting position. Well, then say. It turns out that the door was malfunctioning, apparently, so the one who got stuck in it was actually Wilbkin himself and not his guard. And yet, seven balls later plus a few changes of direction and speed, and everything works out.


Because similar to the case of Hunter, who is supposed to disguise himself as the Messiah and save Maccabi when she falls behind, Wilbkin is supposed to be the hero who succeeds for her throughout the attacking game. And it’s hard. And so far, it also does not work. That is, when it does work, for Wilbkin himself, then his team loses.

Oh, and we did not talk defense. The advanced statistics show, however, that Wilbkin’s defensive rating yesterday was actually fine. Also of Žižić, surprisingly. Which proves in this case that the numbers often lie.

Because Wilbkin’s defense has problems. Take two examples please. Here, Wheelerban, like Maccabi, also runs an exercise that begins with the blocking of Guard Lagard. Because Norris Cole wants to That Wilbkin will be the one to keep him. Well, then Wilbkin gets stuck somewhere upstairs and does not cover for anyone. But remembers patting himself on the chest at the end and admitting he was guilty. At least that’s.


Okay, so probably next time it’s going to work, no? So here’s the same element, when Norris Cole wants to get Wilbkin in exchange, before a pick and roll that he runs on Zizic’s feet. Wilbkin is supposed to keep the voice, or alternatively take someone else after a spare. And he chooses not to choose. And not to save.


This protection is for the weak
Wheelerban is not a bad basketball team. But it is a bad attacking group. How bad? On the eve of the game against Maccabi, it was ranked in the penultimate place in points, last in losing the ball, last in points per attack, last in the ratio of assists to losses. I will not continue, because it seems to me that you have understood the direction. And it has been proven that in order for her to win, she has to shell out tricks. In other words, with the few victories she achieved until Maccabi, she scored close to 12 threes per game and a huge percentage (56%)!

Last night, under the auspices of the Yellows’ terrible defense, the host managed to win a Euroleague game, even though she scored only three threes throughout the entire game. Although it hit only 23.1% off the arc. And yes, she managed to finish the first half with 50 points, even though she scored only one three-pointer. And if this is not a number that shows the defensive catastrophe of Maccabi Tel Aviv yesterday, then I do not know what a catastrophe is.

And it started with the bad defense of Mustafa Pal. Last week, Basconia’s second Pal caused trouble for the Yellows – and luckily his coach forgot about him on the bench for the entire last quarter. And Pal, of Wheelerban, made sure to be egalitarian enough to dismantle the Imama of anyone who tried to keep him and his 218 inches.

Here, under the auspices of the isolation and time given to him and the lack of defensive help, he destroys Zizic on the way to two easy ones. By the way, filled a bad pick and roll defense, but there is no apparent reason that Žižić will be defeated so easily in physical fights in color.


Here he sees Bender in front of him. And that’s it, I have nothing to add.


And here he sees in front of him the Hunter. And after another clean action of the offense, which frees up time and space for him, he also takes the veteran for a light walk on the way to the basket and offense.


True, Maccabi Tel Aviv solved most of the Pal issue in the second half. And right, he scored only 2 points in it. Among other things, about changing the defensive treatment of it, that is, the transition to double guarding. In general, there is no doubt that the defense stabilized in the other twenty minutes, with the French scoring only 34 points. The thing is, the damage has already been done. And the truth is that even when it got better, there were still known issues.

For example, when it comes to defensive rotations in general and the number of players in particular. Here, for example, Maccabi again shows the double guarding of Pal. And now pay attention to the request for Dragon Bender, who is supposed to keep an eye on the player who was abandoned by Elijah Bryant (in favor of the double up). But Bender, like a failed goalkeeper, bets on the wrong corner, instead of picking up the player who cuts to the ring – and who is under his responsibility.


And here, in the game’s most important defensive position, after Norris Cole passes Bryant, one can expect a better defensive response. Hunter, who clings (very high) to Pal up, emerges from the picture. Which leaves the craft of collecting the penetrating lavender player, but the Croatian is waiting for him too low and too close to the ring, and Cloiaro is not sharp and precise enough to prevent Noah’s dunk.


When dependent on dorsi
In contrast to the Wilbkin case, the numbers prove that when Dorsey and Cloiaro are good on offense, their team wins. And one can understand about Cloiaro, because he is the one that the opposing defense leaves free. And when he manages to take advantage of it, everything is simpler on offense.

And Dorsey? Tyler Dorsey is a very talented basketball player. And very monochromatic. And very limited in the things he knows how to do. hit? He does it excellently. Deliver no. Save no. Decide right? Really, but really not. And whoever depends on his whims, and it turns out that Maccabi Tel Aviv depends on his whims, is in trouble.

Haida, some examples and we’re done.

Look at this offensive move. Cloiaro is completely free (and signifies) but Dorsey does not see him. Bryant cuts (flash) nicely to the penalty line area, also to produce a possible delivery option to Hunter in, but Dorsey does not see it. What Dorsey sees is just a ring. And during this time, after dribbling for the most part, he succeeds.


This was towards the end of the third quarter. Now to the final move of that quarter. Maccabi has two offenses to give. And Dorsey gives, but sends Norris Cole to the line. Well, the main thing is that you can do a hand gesture plus a face right after.


On and on to the start of the fourth quarter. Maccabi is erupting. Dorsey juggles. Dorsey spins. Dorsey dribbles. And Dorsey, as usual, does not look. Not about the players who run with him and not about those who keep him. Was the whistle justified? Do not know. Was there a face? Cursed.


Latest. Pick & Roll Dorsey and Hunter. Start a dribbling session from the world. And at the end Dorsey throws the ball in the general direction of, ahhh, don’t know. Could it have been handed over to Sussman who improved towards the middle when his keeper Freeman went to help on Hunter? The answer is not really important, because Dorsey did not look at him anyway.


Three points to go
1. He who believes does not dwarf. Another point, at your disposal, on the affairs of the quintet. Oz Blazer opened with a five against Basconia. And yesterday he did not play a single second. Blazer, by the way, went up in the top five against Alba Berlin in the first round. And in the game that followed, in Moscow, he played about three and a half minutes. Citizen Sandy Cohen came up in the top five in two consecutive games, against Zalgiris Kaunas and against Real Madrid, and then watched three consecutive games from the bench coming from the stands. If it looks like a gimmick, goes like a gimmick and misses like a gimmick, then it’s probably a gimmick. And he who believes does not dwell.

2. Rotation management. 11 players played yesterday for Yannis Sapropoulos. Including close to 11 bad minutes by Yuval Sussman. And yesterday it was supposed to be an ALL IN game, where everything is done to win. We wrote once and will write again: Maccabi Tel Aviv currently has a deep staff. Who need to know how to manage and utilize. And it’s not easy, but it’s exactly the job of a coach.

3. Bender. Last night probably played Dragon Bender’s best game at Maccabi. Including the ability this time, unlike last week, to take advantage of his few minutes in position number 5 – facing a heavy chin on the other side. And if this game proved anything, it is that Maccabi needs a new and fast 4 in its place.