“Messi sent a warning to PSG”, “More magic in full”

Spanish League 20-21

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ONE System | 14/02/2021 09:25

Newspaper headlines in Spain (ONE system)

Newspaper headlines in Spain (ONE system)

When things connect to Barcelona, ​​they are still one of the scariest teams in the world, and yesterday (Saturday) they exemplified this with a huge 1: 5 over Alabs not bad at all. The Catalans recorded their seventh consecutive league victory just before the match against Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League on Tuesday and Spain are already preparing for the battle of the giants. The game, like all Spanish league games, was broadcast on channel ONE for yes, HOT Cellcom TV and Partner TV subscribers.

The headline in the Catalan ‘Mundo Deportivo’ was: “Holy hands – pairs from Messi and Trinkao helped Barça gain confidence that was critical to them before the game against PSG, Koeman gave a rest to some key players.” In “Sport” it is written: “Manita, and on to PSG”, and even in the Madrid media we read: “Messi did magic”, it was written in Spanish football, “Messi sent a warning to PSG”, his signal in “S.” .

Barcelona celebrates on Alabs with a huge 1: 5

Ilaish Moriva The young man who first started in the league in the league summed up the game, in which he also cooked, from his angle: “For years I would come to Camp Nou to watch games from the stands, now I was on the field and it was a dream. The mistake that caused the gate is still in my head, but I also cooked. Unfortunately I remember what happened in the end and I will have to live with it. Raising your head and seeing Messi and Griezmann is a dream. I will keep everything today, the shirt, the shoes and everything I need. ”

Trinkau Who also made his debut in the squad added: “It is very easy to play with such players, I just do my job and try to get better to help the team. I am happy with the victory and must continue like this. I will try to score more goals. The game was difficult even after the goal, but we did not slow down, we continued to attack and we became calmer after we scored more. “

Trinkau celebrates with Moriba, Pouch and Messi (Reuters)Trinkau celebrates with Moriba, Pouch and Messi (Reuters)