Matan Kahana: “We are not dragged into the baby game of Yes Bibi No Bibi”

Matan Kahana: “We are not dragged into the baby game of Yes Bibi No Bibi”

Member of Knesset Matan Kahana (Right) This morning (Thursday) he talked to Nissim Mash’al and Guy Peleg about the latest developments in the political field. At the beginning of the interview, he referred to the results of recent polls – in which his party dropped significantly: “Even when we had over 20 seats we did not open champagne and sew suits, and with the same seriousness – we are not excited about the situation.” He stressed on 103FM that “there is a new player in the game who suddenly got injured after a year that no one heard and did not know where he is, there is enthusiasm but we will continue with our path”.

Gideon Saar and Yifat Shasha Bitton in a joint message after the announcement of joining

You have no clear statements. You answer one serious answer – whether you will go with Netanyahu or not and for that you paid a heavy price.
“We are actually the only ones who are telling the truth because all this childish game of who I will not sit with always ends in lies, including Amir Peretz’s mustache and the three election campaigns.”

Lapid and Ya’alon stood behind their statement. If the right says in the enclave we will go with Netanyahu, the voters say we will go with Netanyahu
“We say we want to replace Netanyahu because this government is the most failed that has been in Israel and Netanyahu is at its head.”

You will not enter with him.
“We are not dealing with this boycott discourse.”

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Mashaal: “Come on, MK Kahana, you are working on us.”
Peleg: “The public shows them what they think of not saying.”
Kahana: “I think and the public understands that we are the only ones telling the truth because anyone who said otherwise broke his word or led us to the terrible place we are in now, what is all this saying worth?”.

If I vote for you, do I mean that I vote for Netanyahu?
“You are not voting for Netanyahu because when you vote for Naftali Bennett you will vote for those who come every morning to work for the State of Israel and are not dragged into this baby game of yes Bibi or no Bibi.”

Why is it babyish to say who are you going with?
“We will recommend Naftali Bennett, it is infantile because it brings Israel into a discourse of boycotts and hatred and incitement and we will not enter this place. We will bring a different line, when everyone is playing Bibi or not Bibi we write work plans.”

Also books – how to beat the corona.
“Naftali Bennett was defense minister and he brought in tests, made hotels.”

This morning, too, you are running away from the question – will you sit in the coalition with Netanyahu, yes or no?
“You’re trying to take the discourse to a place I’m not willing to go into.”

MK Kahana, you may want to be elected public in a more valuable and higher society, but the question of the upcoming elections and also that were – Bibi or just not Bibi. This is the question, you can ignore.
“I understand what you’re saying I’m not stupid but we think differently of you.”

The public thinks.
“The public, what interests him is a million unemployed, 3,000 dead, that our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will pay the debts of this promiscuous government.”

Bennett, Archive (Photo: Yonatan Zindel, Flash 90)Bennett, Archive (Photo: Yonatan Zindel, Flash 90)

You have lost eight seats because you do not clarify your true position
“Of all the political spectrum we are the only ones telling the truth, because all these babyish statements of yes or no Bibi end in people feeling cheated. We will not lie to the electorate, we want Bennett to be prime minister.”

Mashaal: Guy, thank you for failing
Peleg: Because they learned of upheavals, they were below the blocking percentage, did not enter the Knesset and then jumped to 21, as Bibi said, they are used to the accordion.
Kahana: “You said right, we get used to the accordion of Bibi destroying businesses, who says to open and order goods and then ‘close’ and they get stuck with goods, we are not in anyone’s pocket. We are not engaged in boycotts, we strive to be the ones to form the government.”

You will eventually understand that the truth needs to be told to the public.
“I am shocked that two intelligent people like you continue to buy this stupid war of politicians who swore they did not sit with Bibi and today are part of his government. We are the only ones telling the truth to the public.”

Matan Kahana (Photo: Flash 90)Matan Kahana (Photo: Flash 90)

Member of Knesset Shlomo Krai (Likud) discussed recent developments in the political field with Nissim Mash’al and Guy Peleg. Krai was asked – are you going to the election, or will you find a compromise at the last minute. He replied: “The keys to all your bets are in the hands of Ganz. In fact, if Blue and White decides that they accept what we have been trying for six months to strive for and approve the 2020 budget and give an economic anchor to the State of Israel.”

Are you kidding?
“This is the only thing that can stop these elections, only if they pass the 2020 budget. There are no behind-the-scenes negotiations.”

You are a serious and reliable person, why do you just make fun of reality? Blue and white do not submit a budget? Everything is in the hands of the Prime Minister.
“Certainly, we are the 2020 budget from June we are trying to move, blue and white are not ready to move 2020 they want us to consolidate the budgets for biennial.”

That was your suggestion.
“The name gave the name a lesson, to differentiate. When we discovered that there was a corona crisis and budgetary pits opening up every two weeks we decided it was more appropriate to be an annual.”

You did not want to pass a biennial budget to allow the Prime Minister to run for office.
“If the truth is as you say why did we demand a biennial budget? We demanded stability in the coalition agreement and long before the blue and white budget crisis violated the agreement, acted as opposition, votes against the government’s position. You know the facts no less well than I do.”

Bennett also falls in the polls and is your partner.
“Bennett, at the moment it is not clear that he is our partner.”

Going to the polls.
“Chances are in my opinion that Blue and White is going with its eyes wide open straight into its political abyss and will not be with us in the next Knesset.”

They want them to convert properly, to look down at Netanyahu’s feet and give up the rotation.
“We want to give an anchor until the end of the corona crisis to the State of Israel and then go to the polls. It is clear that the government cannot exist until the end of its term and blue and white have proved that they are not serious, have missed an opportunity to form a good unity government and act cooperatively so it is clear that there will be elections. The question is whether in the midst of a crisis and closure that is at our doorstep or after we emerge from the crisis and the elections will be in May-June. “

Netanyahu stepped in and humiliated and ignored and ignored Gideon Saar, at the end of which Gideon Saar, just before the election, may have dropped the carpet under the Likud. You have already celebrated a narrow right-wing government, Saar came and said ‘just not Bibi’ and you will see some support
“Look at the loss of values ​​on the left” ..

“Look at the loss of values ​​on the left that the donkey of a new Messiah comes and says just no Bibi. There are no political or economic values, just no Bibi immediately stabilizes all those hundreds of thousands of votes in the direction of such hatred.”

What does this teach?
“That Saar realized after the crushing defeat he suffered in the primaries for the prime minister, that suddenly everything is nonsense and everyone is blind eyes to the leader and there is no glorious movement, he realized he was crashing so he chose a new path, and who did he take? You’re Shasha-Biton. She blocked us from dealing with the corona crisis and now with all her nonsense and the chaos she is trying to produce on the vaccines you understand that everything is political. “Once Israel is among the first to emerge from the corona, Netanyahu’s shares will skyrocket and we will leave them only smoke.”

Shlomo Qara (Photo: Hadas Porush, Flash 90)Shlomo Qara (Photo: Hadas Porush, Flash 90)

Mashaal: “How can things be distorted and believed in.”
Peleg: “Netanyahu supported the Oslo Accords, he is right-wing and outspoken who says he is against a Palestinian state unlike Netanyahu is left-wing.”
Qara: “Ganz was interviewed and is now starting to squint in the direction of the common and said in the last day that Jerusalem could also be the capital of Palestine.”
Mashaal: “The one who embraces Mansour is the Prime Minister.”
Qarai: “There is a big mistake here because Mansour Abbas supports terrorism, does not condemn terrorism, does not recognize the State of Israel as Jewish and democratic, and the Likud will never rely on that.”