Marvel Realm of Champions lets you create your own superhero

Marvel Realm of Champions lets you create your own superhero

It may have come to an end as a year where we didn’t have Marvel superheroes on the big screen (unless you count New Mutants) but there’s still plenty for Marvel fans to enjoy in places another – and something else to lose hours in has just been released.

Launched Wednesday, Marvel Realm of Champions is a real-time RPG that lets you create your own superhero to get into the roster.

Kabam is the developer behind this and sees superheroes come together and create accusations as they fight together to take control of the Battleworld. In terms of obedience, the game features houses that you can choose to fight alongside such as House of Iron and Asgardian Republic (Iron Man and Thor if you’re not familiar with the folklore).

Check out the launch trailer to see what you can expect when you download, free and play.

There are more modes available in the game as well, with a multiplayer side ready to play. 2 v 2 v 2 matches are one of those modes, and you can also play in Player vs Environment and Conquest Arena 3 v mode. 3, among others.

For a free game there’s a lot in here ready to play at launch and well worth a try but be warned, you could be wasting more time than you once expected once that you get going.

This isn’t the only Marvel-related product released into the video game world this year. Marvel’s Avengers was released to an all-mixed concert but the campaign was praised and we had a lot of fun with it.

Then there was the released Miles Morales alongside the PS5 – that game did far better critically and was the console’s first major vendor. You can also grab a copy of the original PS4 Spider-Man game that has been updated for the new console and it ‘s nice to see.

So there is no MCU in the cinema this year, but more than enough Marvel around to keep us busy until we finally see Black Widow in 2021 – hopefully.

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