Marvel and AAA crossover match beat with Marvel itself

Marvel and AAA crossover match beat with Marvel itself. The juggernaut comic book has been inspired by Mexican inspiration.

Do you like Marvel comics? Do you love wrestling? How about experiencing both at the same time? Well, here’s some good news for you. Marvel comic book giants recently entered into a partnership with the Mexican Wrestling League AAA, establishing new keepers based on their comic book characters. These characters were thrown together in maids in Triplemania that had just been decided, and Marvel is reportedly pleased with the results so far.

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Triplemania is the biggest event of the year at AAA. With more eyes on their product than usual, they took a bold step by discussing their Mouse Libre versions of Thanos, Venom, Spider Man and Captain America. It was a fun game that did its part and Marvel’s top honchos have reportedly said this was a good decision on the side.

Marvel and AAA crossover match beat with Marvel itself

According to the Wrestling Observer Letter, Marvel was happy with the game. The report also confirmed that a “The sort of thing that could be in the Marvel League”. One can never wonder how that will turn out. However, with its natural agility and athleticism, it makes sense for Mouse styled keepers the easiest move to play Superhero characters.

In the previously mentioned game Terror Púrpura (Thanos, played by Brian Cage) and Venenoide (Venom, played by Taurus) saw Aracno (Spider-man, played by Lio Rush) and Leyenda Americana captured (Captain America, played by Daga).

The villainous side surfaced before the appearance of Estrella Cósmica, Captain of AKA Marvel. No-one currently knows who played that part. However, initial reports suggest that a role should have been represented by Kylie Rae before she announced her role.

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