Maneater will be grabbing out of turnout this May

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Maneater’s has been slow to make the rounds this year. Originally released in May 2020, Tripwire Interactive’s “shARkPG” was first announced for Switch in 2019, but saw a major delay last September, one that pushed it back into the first half of 2021.

After getting next-gen ports back in November, Maneater is finally swimming on Switch for May 25th. Within the game, we play as a female bull shark, who vows revenge on a fisherman – Scaly Pete – who kills her mother, an attack in which he also left her disfigured.

Starting as a child, we gradually begin to intimidate the open world of Port Clovis, waiting for other predators before transforming into an adult megalodon. Offering seven searchable divisions, Maneater offers a reactive world, and by creating hardship more bounty hunters will target you.

Our friends had great ideas at Push Square last year, giving it a 7/10 star on both PS4 and PS5. Saying it offers “more than enough novelty” to make the format feel fresh, we look forward to seeing how it plays on Switch.

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