Man posts in Wii U for repair, Nintendo replaces his wedding ring

We’ve shared stories about Nintendo in Japan using an amazing messenger service before. For example, it was time for Nintendo to launch a new Game Boy Game for a 95-year-old woman as the company didn’t have the parts to repair her. This new story isn’t as amazing, but it’s funny. Japanese man post and Wii U. to Nintendo for repair – and Nintendo returned his wedding ring, which was inside the Wii U.

These facts, we know for sure. However, if we also trust a bit of Google Translate, it would seem that the daughter of man he may have inserted the wedding ring into the Wii U, thinking about it like inserting coins in a pig bank. That would raise new questions about how she got her ring and how long the ring lasted, but I believe a little bit of mystery is a good thing.

Wii U was one of Nintendo’s most impressive financial failures (and also extremely rare, I would argue), and it’s kind of commendable that this person cared enough to post in the device for repair in the first place. A Wii U might have been better if all consoles had a wedding ring. It may have helped Nintendo Switch sales ever so little, anyway.