Maccabi players underwent serological tests

While the corona vaccine campaign in Israel is expected to begin soon, Maccabi Tel Aviv players and staff conducted serological tests this morning (Thursday) aimed at finding out whether they had been exposed to the corona virus in the past.

The tests were performed thanks to the close cooperation with the Shamir Medical Center (Assaf Harofeh), which led to Maccabi actually becoming the first football team in Israel whose members conduct comprehensive serological tests to detect the virus. The test itself examines the presence of viral antibodies in the blood, a fact that helps, with a high degree of certainty, to understand whether the subjects have been positive for corona in the past.

Dr. Dror Linder, The head of the club’s medical team and deputy director of the orthopedic department at Shamir Medical Center, explained: “As part of the Maccabi Tel Aviv football club’s quest for excellence, the team players and the professional team performed serology tests for the presence of antibodies to the blood virus. These tests will help the club continue its conduct during the corona period, and will assist in making decisions regarding future immunization. “During the corona period, when the hidden prevails over the visible, any information will help us continue to keep the players and the team going for the rest of the season.”