Maccabi Haifa vs. Maccabi Petah Tikva, live broadcast

The 11th round of the Premier League invited us tonight (Saturday) to a great battle – Maccabi Haifa, the leader of the table, is currently hosted by Maccabi Petah Tikva from second place. (Live Sport 1). Guy Luzon’s team is without a doubt the official refresher of the league this season, and it is trying to surprise the Greens, just as it surprised Maccabi Tel Aviv in the opening round of the season.

As you may recall, the Greens came to the meeting after defeating Hapoel Tel Aviv last Monday, thus recording their fourth victory in a row. The team from Carmel is determined to continue the momentum it has gained recently, to provide a statement of intent, while at the same time knowing that Maccabi Tel Aviv lost points in its last game. Coach Barak Bachar did not make any changes to his squad ahead of tonight’s game, and he continued for the fifth game in a row with those 11. Josh Cohen, the hero of the previous game, between the posts. Ofri Arad and Bogdan Planic play in the center of defense alongside defenders San Menachem and Raz Meir, in the front were Dolev Haziza, Charon Sheri and Nikita Rokavica.

On the other hand, Guy Luzon’s young and vibrant team came to tackle without feelings of inferiority. Despite the loss in the last round to Maccabi Netanya, the Malabes know that the talented front can create a lot of problems for the defense of Maccabi Haifa. Thai Baribo, who scored a dramatic goal against Bnei Yehuda, received the credit in Luzon’s squad, with Liel Abda and Or Inbrom also playing with him at the front. Naor Sabag, Elvis Saki and Arad Bar in the center of the field.

Barak Bachar | Udi quote

Yaakov Shachar | Udi quote
Avi Luzon | Udi quote

The vehicles

Macabi Petach-Tikva: Arik Yanko, Yinon Eliyahu, Marcus Diniz, Or Balorian, Muhammad Hindi, Elvis Saki, Arad Bar, Naor Sabag, Liel Abda, Or Inbrom, Thai Baribo.

Maccabi Haifa: Josh Cohen, Raz Meir, Bogdan Planich, Ofri Arad, San Menachem, Jose Rodriguez, Neta Lavie, Muhammad Abu Fani, Dolev Haziza, Charon Sheri, Nikita Rokavica.

Maccabi Haifa players | Udi quote
Maccabi Petah Tikva players | Udi quote
Maccabi Haifa against Maccabi Petah Tikva | Udi quote

the progress of the game

Maccabi Petah Tikva started without feelings of inferiority, pressed very high and in the fourth minute also succeeded To go up to 0: 1 And subdue Maccabi Haifa for the first time after four games. Liel Abda was sent for depth delivery on the right side of the extension and provided a wonderful wide delivery to Naor Sabag, who joined from behind and slammed into the net. A tremendous opening for Malabes.

Naor Sabag celebrates with Arad Bar | Udi quote
Maccabi Petah Tikva players celebrate | Udi quote
Maccabi Petah Tikva players celebrate | Udi quote
Maccabi Petah Tikva players celebrate | Udi quote

Maccabi Haifa responded very quickly, in the eighth minute Tied at 1: 1. And who found the network? Nikita Rokavica, the king of league goals, who scored his 12th of the season. Charon Sherry raised a corner kick to the short corner, the Australian striker got up and rubbed the ball that managed to subdue Eric Janko and balance the score.

Nikita Rokavica celebrates with Maccabi Haifa players | Udi quote
Maccabi Haifa players are celebrating | Udi quote

The pace was simply fantastic, and in the 12th minute Rokavica had to complete a double and set up a makeover. Dolev Haziza made an excellent personal move at the end with a little power from outside the box towards the goal of Eric Janko, who only surpassed the Australian striker who had to continue the rebound to the net, but his ball was high.

Josh Cohen, Ofri Arad | Udi quote

Maccabi Haifa was in good minutes, reached a number of other situations, with the closest of them arriving in the 18th minute. The wonderful sherry took excellent control of a long ball and kicked a flat, sharp ball into the far corner with his right foot, but missed the frame slightly.

Ofri Arad, Liel Abda | Udi quote

After that, not too many threats were recorded on both sides of the field, and just before the half time mark, in the 45th minute, Maccabi Haifa missed a great opportunity to register a makeover. When she missed Pendel. Sheri put a ball from the right wing into the Maccabi Petah Tikva field, a ball that clearly touched Or Balorian’s hand and referee Eli Hakmon immediately pointed to the white spot. But the knot kick was stopped only by the beam and the Greens went down for a break in the draw.

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