Legion multiplayer mode arrives next month

Ubisoft has announced that the multiplayer mode is for Watch dogs: Legion they will arrive as a free update early next month.

The free update will be launched on March 9 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Google Stadia. Once the update is downloaded, players will be able to access it as an independent alternative to the main menu. From there, players can enjoy a number of new features including co-op modes, Tactical Ops missions and a new PvP death arena.

The studio has a breakdown video for the multiplayer update, as well as a more detailed fringe post on the Ubisoft blog. The online mode, according to Ubisoft, takes place after the game’s main campaign events, and won’t reveal any story damage. Once loaded into a multiplayer game, players must form a new Action Group and rebuild their hockey team, DedSec.

Players will be able to hire anyone they come across in a London open world setting. This introduces other online players and NPCs through the game’s new impact point system. Leveling up and completing mission goals will give players more influence, and in some cases, allow them to hire others immediately.

Co-op methods

The multiplayer includes several co-op modes for up to four players, which must work together to neutralize tasks such as targets without being detected, coordinating hacks and destroying vehicles.

Tactical ops

Tactical Ops missions, on the other hand, serve as co-op endgame challenges. The missions require at least three players in a team, although Ubisoft recommends using a full team of four players. If one member of the team is eliminated, the entire squad must start on stage from the beginning. There will be five levels in total for Tactical Ops missions.

Death PvP

In the new PvP deathmatch mode called Spiderbot Arena four players see control of robots like spiders, and oppose them. Each round lasts six minutes, and the player with the most eliminations is crowned winner. Throughout the game, players will receive random boxes containing powerful weapons, from machine guns and lasers to shotguns and more.

The game’s multiplayer mode was expected to launch on December 3, but was canceled this year following the technical issues and bugs that threatened the base game when it was launched. launched in November last year.