Leaving my position as CEO of the association

Gidi Lipkin 14/02/2021 13:44

Harness Kemer (Radad Jabara)

Harness Kemer (Radad Jabara)

Ratam Kemar, CEO of the Football Association, announced today (Sunday) at the Football Association meeting that he intends to end his position at the end of the season. As revealed on ONE in August, Yossi Sharabi is the candidate to replace him and will need the approval of the search committee. ONE because there is an intention to part with an arch, he knew nothing about it.

In October, ONE reported on the meeting of the association’s chairman, Oren Hasson, with Sharabi, who negotiated his appointment as CEO and the possibility of shortening the cooling-off period because he served as director general of the Ministry of Culture and Sports during Miri Regev’s term.

According to the association’s announcement, “Kemer was a key factor in the economic rehabilitation of the Football Association, in establishing the first academy and development centers, upgrading the technical system of the Israeli national teams and of course the success in the international struggle to prevent boycotts against the association and Israeli football.”

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Kemer He said: “The Football Association was a second home for me and has played a huge part in my development as a person and as a professional. Israeli football is my greatest love and I did my best for him all the way. I choose to end this journey, and go after a new one, when the Football Association, despite Challenging crises over the years, at home and abroad, financially sound, cohesive, leading a clear professional path and enjoying a manpower that is second to none in its quality, knowledge and dedication to the benefit of the industry. ”

“I was privileged to work with four chairmen and each of them contributed a lot to me and did many nights for the benefit of our association and football. Avi Luzon gave me the opportunity and believed in me, Ofer Eini taught me management, intelligence and wisdom, dear Shino Zoarz showed me what humanity, professionalism and human love are. I have many years of acquaintance with Oren Hasson and extensive joint work and I am convinced that his great determination and personal abilities will advance the precious industry for all of us.I would love to help further out of a true love for football, association and above all for the men and women I had family for so many years. From all the future farewell to the members of the association who were my family and who have made a tremendous contribution to uncompromising action to promote football. There are many challenges, and I will of course continue to help those who will replace me in the position to make sure that we succeed together as well. “

Sturdy pine, Chairman of the Football Association: “I knew Ratam even in my role as CEO and chairman of our league and successful cooperation even then, continued even from the moment I took on the role of chairman of the association. I was privileged to enjoy the skills of Ratem Kemer, his diligence And above all from his total dedication to the benefit of Israeli football. From the moment I joined the association more than a year ago, Retem was a right-hand man, a man of faith and CEO that any organization would be happy to be blessed with. His experience, his leadership, his knowledge of world football and the leading organizations, FIFA and UEFA, have served Israeli football to the best of its ability. The lofty status of the Football Association in the world arena is largely due to the work of Kemer, who fought wisely and resolutely against anyone who sought to harm us. I, along with all the members of the association’s management, the workers, thank Harem for his rich activity over so many years, congratulate him on many hard-earned rights, wish him success and are committed to maintaining and continuing to develop everything we have done with him. The doors of the Football Association will always remain open for him. “