LeAnn Rimes, Aloe Blacc and Nick Carter on the Effect of ‘The Masked Singer’

Now that she has been named Season 4 champion “The Masked Singer”, LeAnn Rimes hopes that people will see her in a new way.

“I’m really pleased that people continue to connect with me in this way,” said Rimes, who was questioned as the sun. “I think it gives people a new perspective on what they’re feeling from the music and that’s very powerful. ”

At the same time as her new song, “Throw My Arms Around the World” was released at Rimes, “The Masked Singer”. She has also released a new album, “Chant: The Human & The Holy,” and is completing a new album with a target date of May. She also hosts the “Wholly Human” podcast for iHeart Media.

“This is just a moment where I’m really using my voice in so many ways and for me it’s been a huge extension,” she said. “Because I was able to use my singing voice. But now in those different ways and creating different pieces with that voice has been inspiring. ”

Acting as an anonymous character, Rimes said she rejected the notion that the audience would hear her music without any of the predictable notions of who she was. “People have known me for 25 years, and depending on where you come in on my story, you connect with me, in your mind, who I am,” she said. “This is the first time that people have felt my heart, and my voice and my gift where there was no connected story. I knew I wanted people to feel me in such deep and different ways so each song had very different feelings for them. ”

That included kicking off her debut performance with “Cuz I Love You,” with Lizzo. “I started with Lizzo thinking like that might be a little upsetting,” she said. “But as we go along I think I realized that I feel like people are going to recognize that it was me and I was just for bringing those beautiful TV moments to life, and bringing those great songs to life. ”

Her other songs performed as Sun included “Praying,” by Kesha; “A Piece of My Heat,” by Janis Joplin; “When the Party is Over,” by Billie Eilish; and “The Story,” by Brandi Carlile.

“I think there is such a beautiful passion in ‘Prayer’ and right now Billie Eilish, I especially wanted to make that song like a capella in the main and the real moment this intense I have on display. ”

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Aloe Blacc as a mushroom, “The Masked Singer”
Courtesy of Fox

Meanwhile, runner-up Aloe Blacc said he also felt a slight transformation with his time as the mussel on “The Masked Singer.”

“Making the show really was an opportunity for me to step out of the ordinary, every day, Aloe Blacc,” he said. “This was an opportunity for me to experience, how hard theater is like, playing a different character, by dancing. Doing it repeatedly in a way that we have to do camera exercises, light blocking, dance dancing. All those challenges that I don’t usually face. And, you know, I hope I can use some of what I’ve learned here in my everyday artwork. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to do so at this time, as I feel we really need the kind of joy and the kind of happiness that the ‘Masked Singer’ will bring to the country. to the world. ”

Blacc’s last Mushroom song was “I Wish,” by Stevie Wonder, but before that he chose songs from female artists: “This Woman’s Work” by Kate Bush (although he covered Maxwell’s cover of the song); “If I could turn time back,” by Cher; “Without sorrow,” by Katy Perry; and “Valerie,” by Amy Winehouse.

“I chose the female power balloons specifically, just so I can use a completely different part of my voice,” he said. “Because if I came out singing with the same tenor, with a little bit of that rasp in, I think people would have guessed who was right away. So instead I wanted to do something like I did with the song Cher. ”

Blacc released his latest studio album, “All Love Everything,” earlier this fall.

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Nick Carter as a crocodile and hosts Nick Cannon, “The Masked Singer”
Courtesy of Fox

For third place Nick Carter, who played as the Crocodile, performs “The Masked Singer” as a way to replicate the Backstreet Boys star as a solo artist.

“I always felt like I might not have been good at myself, I didn’t come into my own as a solo artist,” Carter said. “I feel like I’ve tried to put out some records, but I missed out on records. And, I just felt like it was a way to grow a little more as an artist – for my organization and also individually – and challenge myself. Also, I think when you put on that mask, people only listen to your voice. They can only hear one thing. None of the other additional sounds. It’s just their own performance and the voice. I was delighted to see what people would think about that and I am amazed at how far I have gone. ”

Carter rallied the panel and audience of the show with his ideas “It’s My Life,” by Bon Jovi; “Toxic,” by Britney Spears; “Bleeding Love,” by Leona Lewis; “I don’t want to miss something,” by Aerosmith; and “Open Arms,” by Journey.

“I felt like there was anyone out there who turns on the show and wants to escape a little bit from the reality of what everyone is going through right now. , if I could just be a small part of that story, to some joy. That’s the reason I want to do it. ”

Carter also hopes to capitalize on the success and attention of “The Masked Singer,” with the release of his new song “80’s Movie” this week. .

“Our access to the talent we had was some of the best singers we’ve ever had this season,” said executive producer Craig Plestis. The last three of us were special. Croc, mushrooms and sun, I must say, the weekend was probably the best final numbers we’ve ever made. “