Leaders from 10 African countries gathered online with Israel Allies Caucus

The Israeli Allies Foundation (IAF) hosted a meaningful conference on Monday bringing together parliamentarians and political leaders from 10 African countries including South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda and Malawi to discuss current issues between Israel and the African continent.

The IAF oversees Israeli Parliamentary Caucuses Allies in 50 countries around the world, including 12 in Africa.

The chair of the participating parliamentarians and the leaders of the caucuses in their countries are leading efforts to strengthen the ties between their country and Israel.

Topics considered included a review of the Israeli political system related to the forthcoming election, and a strategic approach to expanding the reach of Israeli humanity in Africa.

The Palestinian Media Guard (PMW), an internationally recognized nonprofit Israeli research institute for its in-depth study of Palestinian society from a wide range of perspectives, also briefed participants on the goals of the Palestinian Authority, reflect the messages he gives them Palestinian Adults and children.

“Mistakes from Israeli and world leaders who have been deceived by their negotiating partners have led to major disasters,” said PMW director Itamar Marcus, confirming that his presentation was “essential information to the Israelis before he spoke of peace with the PA and to the world leaders that needs to be told. ”

In fact, Marcus ’show revealed a different side of the PA that is not usually seen by parliamentarians and government officials outside Israel.

Using texts, TV videos, school books and children’s activity, Marcus showed that the Palestinian Authority is presenting the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to his people as Allah’s war against the people.

Marcus also revealed the high monthly salaries that the PA pays to reward terrorists who murdered Israelis.

“To strengthen the ties between Israel and Africa, African MPs, government leaders and the media must be informed that shows the justice of Israel’s cause. With programs such as this webinar, I hope to counter the misinformation that has been successfully spread in Africa by Israeli enemies ”said Bishop Scott Mwanza who serves as Africa’s leader for the IAF and in that role support and unite the African Parliament of the Israeli Allies Caucuses while also looking to expand into new countries.

“While many Christian parliamentarians have indigenous support for Israel because of the nature of their religion, it is important to give these political leaders on earth the relevant facts to turn biblical support for Israel into political action. true, “IAF president Josh Reinstein explained.

“The recent news from the President of Equatorial Guinea about moving their embassy to Jerusalem highlights the tidal change in Africa-Israel relations,” he said. “Religious diplomacy is the way to go best to develop these positive relations with Africa. “